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AtkexComSvc process: should I disable it?

There are many processes on your computer and the atkexComsvc process is also one of them. What is atkexcomsvc.exe? Is it important for your computer? Why would you want to disable it, as many other users do? Can you do it safely? Here, Techquack will show you the answers.

What is atkexComsvc.exe?

What is atkexComsvc.exe

AtkexComsvc refers to the ASUS ATK Hotkey Express Service. The AtkexComsvc process refers to the ASUS Utility component of the motherboard. The utility can keep the BIOS and device drivers up to date on your ASUS PC. It is pre-installed software on computers that come with the ASUS motherboard.

The Taiwanese brand ASUS makes everything from computers, phones, monitors, optical drives to video cards. The atkexcomsvc.exe file is located by default in C:\Program Files\ASUS\AXUP but you can also find it in other places.

The file size of atkexcomsvc.exe depends on the location. For example, the default file size in a folder is 918,144 bytes to 920,736 bytes, and the file size in a subfolder is 920,736 bytes.

Should AtkexComSvc be disabled?

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An important question that users with high application resource usage ask themselves is whether it is safe to disable the service. In fact, the Asus Motherboard Utility is hardly used, although its name suggests otherwise. Asus Motherboard Utility doesn’t update drivers very often, and on modern operating systems, drivers are updated automatically without the need for additional software.

There are also many reports of AtkexComSvc and Asus Motherboard Utility causing problems with other parts of the computer. Therefore, it is recommended to disable or even uninstall the utility and its related components. This is completely safe and has no side effects on your computer. The computer remains stable and can even perform better with minimal use of resources.



AtkexComsvc.exe is designed to run automatically when you start your computer. It uses a lot of CPU resources to perform its task, and as a result, you will experience a lack of speed on your computer. As a result, many users report that their computer becomes slow after AtkexComsvc.exe appears in Task Manager.

The main tasks of AtkexComsvc can be performed by integrated Windows users. Therefore, if you notice that AtkexComsvc uses a lot of CPU resources, you can disable this process.

Besides slow speed, AtkexComsvc can also cause some of the most common Windows errors, such as corrupted files. Therefore, it is best to disable the AtkexComsvc process, as it will not damage other computer functions.

Keep in mind that ASUS is a well-known company, which means that AtkexComsvc is not a virus. If you are sure about your decision, you have two options: you can deactivate AtkexComsvc or remove it completely. It’s entirely up to you which option you think is best.

Types of error messages you should be aware of:

AtkexComsvc – not found.

This is not a valid Win32 request.

Access violation – address FFFFFFF – module

Also, watch your CPU usage. This folder should not consume more than 20%.

The table above shows the location of this folder.
If you find it somewhere in the user directory, it will almost certainly be corrupted.

How to block the process

How to block the process

Location, CPU, and memory usage are the main indicators of a corrupt file. If you see changes in any of these three specifications, it means that the atkexcomsvc.exe file in question is not authentic and your system needs repair. Possible ways to repair your computer and save your order from Trojan horse or other things.

OS Repair

1. Press the Start key on your keyboard.
2. Type a command line or windows in the search bar. The input command should show the correct option.
3. Select the command line and right-click on it.
Select “Run as administrator”. 5.
5. In the new black screen popup window, copy the following command – DISM.exe/Online/Cleanup-.
6. image/Recover Health.
7. Press the Enter key and let the process run.
8. Reboot.

This should solve the problem. If not, scan the system.

Try running a system scan

The system scan will detect any corrupt files on your computer and remove them. If atkexcomsvc.exe is corrupt in your policy, the scan will remove it.

To scan, open the command window again. Follow steps 1 to 4 above, then in the command window, insert the following command: SFC/scan
Press the Enter key. Let the process finish and restart.

If you are not a user of the AI package, you can remove it directly from your system or use anti-virus software if necessary. It is not very useful and will not cause any damage if you remove it from your system.
However, AI Suite requires an executable file to run.

Solution for AI Suite users

1. Open the AI Suite application.
2. Search for “Mobo Connect” in the left-hand menu.
3. Disable “mouse/keyboard sharing” and “audio mode”.
4. Click “Apply” and you are done.

Complete removal using the Uninstaller software

If you are using an Asus motherboard and you don’t load the processor with many processes, I don’t recommend uninstalling it completely. However, if you have problems with this application, or if your system has crashed and been suspended, please follow this procedure and uninstall the application completely.
To complete this process, you need to install an external application that can completely remove the application from your computer and perform this process easily and efficiently.

1) Open the browser on your computer and first download the application to install.
2) To download the uninstaller, you need to check this line: download uninstaller here.
3) Your system will receive the file and click “save” to start the download process.
4) Once you receive the file, double click on it and follow the installation instructions.
5) Now run the program by using the shortcut icon or by searching for the executable file.
6) Select Atkexcomsvc.exe from the list and click the “Remove” button to remove it completely from your system. So I have explained how to troubleshoot and uninstall the program in case it becomes uncontrollable on your system.


AtkexComSvc.exe. can often appear as a problem variable on your system. Therefore, this executable should be disabled. Our goal in this article was to provide you with all the basic and relevant facts.

Besides, if you are not a computer enthusiast, you may prefer to use an alternative option. This can be the installation of spyware or antivirus programs.

Of course, there is no point in solving this problem manually if you do not have significant skills and experience in using computer tools.

Nevertheless, we have provided you with many methods that you can use to solve this problem. We hope that you found this guide useful and that you got the right solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

This atkexComSvc.exe is a software component of the ASUS Motherboard Utility. ASUS Motherboard Utility is software pre-installed on ASUS motherboard based systems. By default, the program is set to run when the system boots. It is not necessary and may slow down the system startup.

What is AtkexComSvc.exe? AtkexComSvc.exe.exe is a software application. It is a component that comes with your Asus motherboard. You can find this file in “C:\Program Files (x86)”—particularly C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AXSP\1.02.

The process known as ASUS HM Com Service or ASUS GPU TweakII belongs to a program unknown to ASUSTeK Computer ( The process runs in the background under the name HmComSvc. There is no description of the program. The program has no visible window.

  1. Press "Windows" + "R" to open the prompt.
  2. Enter "Control Panel" and press "Enter".
  3. Click on the "Uninstall Program" option.
  4. Double click on "Asus Motherboard Utility" in the options and follow the instructions on the screen to remove it completely from your computer.

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