Best Ergonomic Keyboards for 2020

Ergonomic peripherals are slowly becoming a more frequently used device for both people working and using a computer from home and work. Ergonomic keyboards are the second most widely used ergonomic accessory. It may just be more convenient to use, or it could be that you’ve got an annoying wrist that can help with a better and more ergonomic keyboard. Today, we take a look at some of the best rated ergonomic mice, that you might want to consider if you are wanting to buy one!

Best Ergonomic Keyboards for 2020
Best Ergonomic Keyboards for 2020


Ergonomic peripherals are slowly becoming a more frequently used device for both people
working and using a computer from home and work. Ergonomic keyboards are the second most widely used ergonomic accessory. It may just be more convenient to use, or it could be that you’ve got an annoying wrist that can help with a better and more ergonomic keyboard. Today, we take a look at some of the best rated ergonomic mice, that you might want to consider if you are wanting to buy one!

Note: These are not in any specific order!

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard with Numeric Pad

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard Sculpt

Along with several others on this list, Microsoft is very well known in the computing industry and have made several great products, introducing a new line of peripherals. These include things like mice, keyboards and other gadgets.

Specifically, we’re looking at the Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard. Although it has a simple name, this keyboard is one of the nicer and more angled with a fixed but spread apart keyboard angle splitting in the middle of the keyboard. The keyboard is quite inexpensive but will lead people to ask you questions about it. 
Something that Microsoft pride themselves is in the package and product design. The Sculpt ergonomic is no exception. The packaging on the keyboard is very much for business’; however, it can and is in use for anyone. Along with that, the matt black finish to the keyboard makes this keyboard look great in any office or home environment. 

Something quite important with ergonomic keyboards is the angles on the keyboard, and Microsoft has made it very easy to find information on this. The keyboard is domed to keep your wrists in a comfortable and well-cushioned place. Also, the downward slotting cushioned palm rest is beneficial - again; this helps your wrists when you need a little more support. To add to this, the natural arc on the keyboard almost mimics the curved design of your fingertips which again, all ads to the naturalness of this keyboard.

Although this keyboard is a little more expensive compared to others on this list, it’s not too bad. You will be paying a little more for the Microsoft brand; however, this is one to consider due to the angles on the keyboard, which can help overall with your hand posture. 
You can find the Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard (With or without a mouse) over on Amazon here with the mouse!

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

As mentioned above, there are plenty of keyboards on this list from Microsoft due to their ability to invest in finding the right product people who need them. The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, it’s a little more feature-rich but does look a little less modern compared to the others on this list. 

The split ergonomic design encourages natural arm positions, which include your forearm, wrist and fingers. There are many more parts of this keyboard that will help ergonomically, such as the cushioned wrist rest. To summarise, the cushioned section provides a natural wrist position which will leave your wrist stress-free. Not only this, but the angle of the wrist reset offers a natural perspective for your wrist, which is at a raise to ensure your wrists are in the best place possible.

Unlike others on this list, although the above Microsoft keyboard prefers a more modern and business look, the MNE 4000 has feature/function keys. When we say this, it has built-in customizable keys so you can open specific applications or webpages with clicking on a button on the keyboard. Some default ones that are included with the keyboard and things like Music, Video Control, with other features such as Zoom to allow for you to zoom into something with a click of a button. Although these keys are relatively common on standard keyboards, this is something that a lot of ergonomic keyboards don’t have, so if it’s features that you’re looking for - this one may tick the boxes for you. 

Overall, Microsoft Ergonomical 4000 is an excellent keyboard if you prefer more features overlooks of the keyboard. You can look to the MNE 4000 keyboard for its well-placed ergonomics along with its features to possibly use this as your main keyboard. You can find this one also on Amazon here.

Logitech Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard K350

Logitech Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard K350

Moving away from Microsoft at this time, Logitech is very popular in the peripherals industry, and this keyboard fits nicely in this category. The K350 is a long-lasting, functional and well-designed keyboard that allows it’s users to combine both functionality and usability.

Something that Logitech pride themselves in is the ability to combine a well-designed and nice-looking design and great functionality. In our opinion, the Logitech K350 is not the most beautiful looking keyboard but is not bad as far as keyboards go. As mentioned above, the K350 is very functional. It has several pre-allocated function buttons that allow you to one-click your way to your emails, the internet or video player should you wish to use them. Something that Logitech has always been good at is the power usage of their devices, and the K350 is no exception, lasting up to 3-years before the batteries need to be replaced. 

The K350 has a cushioned curve of the palm rest has a lot more functionality than it seems. It utilizes the best of padding to give your wrist a natural and comfortable resting position to ensure that your comfort is number one priority.

The keyboard has a constant wave designed layout which allows for the K350 to guide your hands into the correct position each time. With this being said, this will enable you to type with ease without forcing you to need to re-learn how to type on the keyboard due to the unfamiliar keyboard layout. Finally, the keyboard also has a wireless receiver which is very good at both short and medium-range meaning very little input lag no matter where you are.

Overall, the K350 is an excellent option if you want to try an ergonomic keyboard as it’s reasonably inexpensive, and is a great first-time keyboard should you wish to try one out. With the functionality land well-designed structure, the K350 should not be overlooked when you come to buy an ergonomic keyboard. Find it on Amazon here!

Perixx PERIBOARD-512 Wired Ergonomic Keyboard

Perixx PERIBOARD-512 Ergonomic Keyboard

A possible underdog in the ergonomic keyboard world, Perixx designed and developed a keyboard called the Periboard-512 or P512 for short. Perixx has designed the P512 to give its users an optimal wrist position as well as functionality all over the keyboard. 

The split-key 3D designed keys are there to comfort your natural arm and hand position. Along with this, the integrated, non-removable palm rest is there to allow you to have comfortable wrists no matter the angle you’re typing.

The keyboard has tactile keystrokes to reduce the pressure when you press on the keys to give you the beneficial type and use the keyboard more comfortably, a nice touch from Perixx. 
As with a few others on this list, the P512 is a wired keyboard but has several function keys allowing you to access several programs in a click of the button. This is a great function to have if you’re frequently opening and closing applications. 

A downside that Perixx transparently says at the time of writing is the key split. Unlike other keyboards, the key separation on the Perixx P512 is slightly different to other ergonomic keyboards and therefore may take a few days or weeks to get used to the new design.

Overall, if you’re willing to spend a little time getting used to the keyboard layout, this is a reasonably inexpensive keyboard and combines both usability and functionality and like others, should definitely be considered if you want to try a keyboard like this. You can find it over on Amazon here

JellyComb B035 Bluetooth Mini-Keyboard (Ergonomic)

JellyComb B035 Bluetooth Mini Ergonomic Keyboard

Unlike others in this list, JellyComb specializes in ergonomic peripherals, such as mice which were in our top 5 recommended ergonomic mouse, which can be found here.

With the majority of JellyComb devices, they are the most inexpensive and the B035 is no exception. Along with this, the keyboard is foldable with a very simple Bluetooth connectivity toggle, which means you can go from one computer to another with great simplicity. 

As with all the keyboards in this list, the JellyCOmb B035 is ergonomic and silent. The keyboard layout is irregular and ergonomic for a more comfortable typing action. With scissor-switch construction keys, this makes it silent to press and rebound, meaning a quick and quiet type.

Something that JellyComb are well known for are the long charges you can get from the keyboard, when you close the keyboard and when it’s not in use, the keyboard and be turned on by opening it, with a rechargeable lithium battery meaning you can charge the keyboard up in around 2 hours, making it last for up to 40 hours.

As with all the keyboards in this list, the JellyComb has broad compatibility, which is compatible with all devices running Windows, Android, iOS and is perfect for smartphones and tablets.

Overall, the JellyComb B035 is an inexpensive keyboard with high functionality and mobility as you can fold the keyboard up and take it in a large pocket. With that being said, we thing the JellyComb is an excellent keyboard with great practicality, allowing you to use this anywhere with great ease and should be considered when you come to buying your keyboard. You can buy it on Amazon here


With all the keyboards that we’ve covered, we’re sure that you will find a keyboard that you will like. We know that many people may have issues finding and using these keyboards, so let us know how you get on if you have any of these keyboards in the comments below! Check out some of our other articles and let us know what you think!