Blue Yeti Review 2020

Blue Yeti USB Microphone Review for 2020

When looking for a microphone for your desktop, or next audio project, there are so many on the market with different features and prices that can often become overwhelming to find the right one for you. As you’re visiting TechQuack regarding the Blue Yeti USB microphone, there’s a good chance you’re looking for a (or the best) microphone on the market. 

Let’s jump straight in and take a look at why the Blue Yeti might be the microphone for you.


When looking for a microphone, you may still be using or looking for a traditional home microphone using an XLR connection. XLR is OK, but can be infused with interference and can cause audible problems for everyone. Blue, as a brand for as long as we can remember, has been using USB connectors to allow you for less interference (if any) and a cheaper option overall.

Classed as the bigger, badder, brother of the Snowball, the Blue Yeti is one of the most popular microphones on the market, and it’s for a good reason. Let’s take a look at some of the features that may sway you to buy the Microphone.

Build Quality and Design

When you buy a microphone for this kind of price, you expect an excellent build quality. Don’t worry; you won’t be disheartened. We’ve bought and tested over 20 microphones over a few years, and the Yeti has one of the best build quality and design we’ve ever witnessed. From the very start, when you receive the box, the weight of the package itself is colossal compared to anything else we’ve ever felt. 

Blue Yeti Review

Blue Yeti Review

The Yeti has an 18/8 stainless steel body and feels great when you take it out of the box. The mesh follows suit with whatever color option you choose, but everything on this microphone screams (literally) quality. 

The dials on the Yeti are of excellent quality too; however, they are a little small if you have slightly fat fingers, but it still doesn’t cause many issues. The stand that you get out of the box is weighted and again feels tremendous and reliable. If you plan to use the microphone on a boom arm, then the Yeti has fast release screws from the stand and boasts a ⅝” thread on the bottom of the microphone, which can then be added to a boom arm. 

As for the color and design options, you can get the Blue Yeti in, and you can get the Microphone in Blackout (a complete black build), Cool Grey, Satin Red, Slate, Whiteout (White only), and Platinum. You could also get a midnight purple color, which was a limited edition version, which also looked very cool. 

Blue Yeti Features

Blue Yeti Features

Audio Quality

As for any microphone, there is one prominent feature that everyone looks for, audio quality. Don’t worry; the Yeti has possibly the best quality in the game without spending a fortune. One advantage of the 5v-USB powered Yeti is that it can have all of the controls on the Yeti itself.

The Yeti has a built-in gain dial that is essential if you’re recording on quieter sounds, which can help with processing the same audio further down the line. On the front of the Yeti, it also has a volume dial that you may not use, but the Yeti does allow for a direct, no latency live-monitoring system. If you plan to use your Yeti for your PC and have the PC audio coming through, it also works perfectly for that and is again – plug and play. 

Blue Yeti’s sound quality is also perfect. The quality is clear and fulfilling in every test you can throw at it. The Yeti has several patterns, and even though a better pop shield may be beneficial for the microphone, we could still use it for perfect recording purposes. 

Cost for Performance

One of the main concerns with decent microphones is that they can often run into the high hundreds and, in some cases, thousands. Well, there is a minimal point in spending that. The Blue Yeti is only $129.99 (or roughly £100),, which is a very cost-effective price for this microphone’s quality. You can find the latest price on Amazon’s site here. 


There’s not much to say about this Microphone, as it’s pure quality and is very cost-effective. For only £129.99 (at time of writing), you can pick up a microphone that doesn’t only deliver excellent quality audio but is also very well built and can leave your audio sounds good and your studio looking even more professional. 

You can pick up the Microphone from one of the notable marketplaces below for the latest price and deals!

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