Correcting VPN error 812: The connection was terminated due to the policy configured on your RAS/VPN server

Correcting VPN error 812: The connection was terminated due to the policy configured on your RAS/VPN server

There are several VPN errors, but unlike many errors, VPN error 812 is not very common among users. However, just because it’s a rare problem doesn’t mean it can’t be solved. In this blog, we will share with you some useful hacks to fix the VPN 812 error.

When you get this error, you will see the following message:

The connection has been prevented due to a policy configured on your RAS/VPN server. In particular, the authentication method used by the server to verify your username and password may not match the authentication method configured in your login profile. Please contact your RAS server administrator and report this error.

Usually, the error prevents reconnection to the VPN after it has been disconnected. As you can see from the message, the error is related to the RSA/VPN server.


Why does VPN error 812 appear in Windows 10?

Why does VPN error 812 appear in Windows 10?

VPN error 812 is a technical problem that occurs on the server-side. Let’s look at the possible causes of this error:

  1. When the authentication protocol is selected via NPS (Network Policy and Access Services).
  2. The RRAS-based VPN server is configured differently than the VPN client system.
  3. Or the error code occurs when the added value for the tunnel type condition in the network policy has not been updated. In this case, when the user tries to connect to his VPN client, the tunnel type has only the value “PPTP”, which causes error 812 to be displayed.
  4. In most cases, the reason is that MS-CHAP is no longer available in Windows Vista and later versions of the operating system. For example, error 812 occurs when the VPN server authentication protocol is set to “MS CHAP” and you are using Windows Vista and above to access the client.

Whatever the reason, don’t worry because there are simple steps you can follow to fix the error. The process is not complicated and will allow you to get rid of the error in a few minutes.


How to fix VPN error 812 on Windows 10

How to fix VPN error 812 on Windows 10

Change your VPN client

Trying a different VPN can solve this problem, but you have to make sure you choose the right option. Third-party software is one of the best tools with a high degree of support and is safe from this type of error between SNP and CPP or any of them, which can lead to error 812.

We recommend that you switch to third-party programs, as they also offer many features that will enhance your experience:

  • A large number of servers available in many locations around the world.
  • Split tunneling, which allows certain programs to connect directly to the Internet.
  • Privacy-focused service with full P2P support and a no-connect policy
How to quickly bypass error 812
  • If you encounter an error, first make sure that the primary DNS is changed to a domain controller.
  • After that, configure the external DNS by accessing the secondary DNS.
  • Now select the primary DNS range, check and apply the settings, and restart your VPN. It should work properly.
Check the tunnel-type settings

If the problem persists, or if the above solution does not work for your system, follow these steps:

  • Select an additional value to the tunnel type condition, such as L2TP, to get L2TP or PPTP ;
  • Apply and close the network policy ;
  • Connect the VPN client. This should work.
  • Reset the network policy to the correct value for the tunnel type condition, here only PPTP;
  • Apply and close the network policy;
  • Connect the VPN client, it works, and your network policy is now well established.
Contact your network administrator

Error 812 can also happen because of insufficient access rights. In this case, it is safer to simply contact your network administrator to update the permissions and make sure that all protocol and network authentication permissions are correct.

Create another authentication protocol

Some users have suggested that error 812 occurs when using an authentication protocol defined via NPS (network policy and access services). A suggested solution is to configure another (more secure) authentication protocol, such as MS-CHAPv2 or EAP, to configure the settings on the client-side.

Contact your VPN provider

If error 812 continues to occur, you need to contact your VPN provider. Every VPN developer has a list of the most common problems affecting their products and the corresponding solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Change your VPN client.
  2. This is a quick way around error 812.
  3. Check your tunnel-type settings.
  4. Contact your network administrator.
  5. Create another authentication protocol.
  6. Contact the VPN provider.

An 800 error occurs when you try to establish a new connection to a VPN server. It indicates that messages sent by the VPN client (you) cannot reach the server. The network firewall blocks the VPN traffic.

A Remote Access Service (RAS) is a combination of hardware and software that allows remote access to tools or information that would normally reside on a network of computer devices. A Remote Access Service connects a client to a computer called a Remote Access Server.

  1. Update the network to prevent lost packets or outdated network connections. Disconnect the power cables from the modem and router.
  2. Make sure the server you are connecting to does not have a high ping time.
  3. Try connecting to a closer server.
  4. Make sure that your network is open and available for VPN connections.

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