Elden Ring DPC Watchdog Violation Fix

elden ring dpc watchdog violation

Elden Ring, from FromSoftware, has been plagued with various bugs and performance issues that are preventing many players from enjoying the game fully.

One of the most frequent issues is a DPC watchdog violation caused by an outdated storage drive or device driver. To resolve this, you’ll need to reinstall the driver and restart your computer.

How to Fix

If you’re playing the beloved Tower of Fantasy MMO, you may have experienced random PC crashes. This issue seems unrelated to your system specifications and can be extremely frustrating for players.

The elden ring dpc watchdog violation can be caused by a variety of reasons, so it’s best to address the problem promptly in order to avoid further issues. Fortunately, there are several easy solutions available for fixing this problem and getting your computer back up and running smoothly again.

First and foremost, you must identify the cause of the error. This may prove challenging if it’s a new hardware device or application.

Next, ensure the device driver is up-to-date. This can be done manually or automatically through third-party software.

You may want to upgrade the firmware of your hardware, such as a pen drive or SSD. Doing this is an effective way to avoid DPC watchdog violations and also increases PC performance.

1. Disable Vertical Sync

If you own an AMD Radeon graphics card, disabling VSync is easy. Just open the AMD Radeon settings application and click ‘Global Settings’.

Next, open the ‘3D’ settings window and scroll down until you locate Vertical Sync. From the drop-down menu, choose either ‘On’ to activate VSync or ‘Off’ to deactivate it.

You may also use this procedure to enable Adaptive Sync if it is available on your graphics card.

One of the most prevalent PC performance issues in Elden Ring is screen tearing. This visual “tear” appears on your screen while playing and while not a major issue, it can still be frustrating.

If you’re having issues running Elden Ring, try disabling Vertical Sync or updating your GPU drivers to see if that helps. Alternatively, uninstall Elden Ring and restart your PC; either way, playing should be much smoother without this issue occurring.

2. Uninstall Elden Ring

If you encounter a DPC Watchdog violation error on your Windows PC, it could be due to incorrect installation or updating of software or drivers. Or, perhaps an external device has been connected that is incompatible with the operating system.

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game developed and published by FromSoftware – creators of Dark Souls. Directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, its worldbuilding was inspired by fantasy author George R. Martin.

The game takes place in the Lands Between, a fictional landmass ruled by demigods. After Queen Marika destroyed the Elden Ring – an immutable force of order – her children engaged in fierce competition to claim pieces of it.

Players take control of a Tarnished, one of the exiled demigods summoned back to the Lands Between after the Shattering. Utilize your power to brandish the Elden Ring and rise as an Elden Lord in this game world.

3. Restart Your PC

A DPC watchdog violation is a Windows error that can negatively impact your PC’s performance. Fortunately, there are several methods available for fixing this problem without losing data or damaging hardware.

One solution is to restart your PC. This should resolve the problem if your device drivers aren’t corrupt or outdated.

However, if that doesn’t work, try another approach. You could hard-reboot your PC to restore its factory settings.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can always use System Restore to restore your PC back to an earlier moment in time. This should resolve the issue and give you access to your files again.

A watchdog violation on an elden ring drive could indicate the possibility of hard drive or SSD failure. If your PC is having issues, it might be worth updating the firmware on your SSD to resolve the issue.

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