Fixed “Disconnected by VAC: You Cannot Play on Secure Servers” error in Windows

Were you disconnected from the game on steam with the message “Disconnected by VAC: You cannot play on Secure Servers”? At least you weren’t banned by mistake. If you are experiencing this problem, there is a good chance that the ACC kicked you off the server because they detected a hacker client on your computer by mistake.

Fortunately, the problem is not too complicated and should be easy to fix, even though ACC may seem daunting. The cause is likely either software problems with the game files or network problems with the Internet. Either way, the solution is waiting for you below.


What causes the “Disconnected by VAC: You Cannot Play on Secure Servers” error in Windows?

What causes the "Disconnected by VAC: You Cannot Play on Secure Servers" error in Windows?

This error message should only appear if you are using cheaters during a VAC-protected game. However, this problem also affects users who do not cheat for various reasons. We decided to list these reasons in one article for you!

Some game files are missing or corrupt: if something went wrong with your game files, the problem is inevitable, but you can always check their integrity with the helpful Steam feature.

Your antivirus or firewall may be blocking Steam or the game: Antivirus and firewall have been known to block harmless applications, so you may need to add an exception for Steam to your antivirus and Windows firewall.

Old or faulty network adapter driver: Users report that this problem disappears after installing the latest network driver. On the other hand, other users have noticed this error only after installing the latest driver.

PowerShell works: Even Steam support claims that PowerShell running at the same time as the game can negate VAC and that you can only try to kill the PowerShell process while playing.

Data execution prevention: If your motherboard supports DEP, you should enable it on your computer to prevent disconnection from ACC.


How do I fix the “Disconnected by VAC: You Cannot Play on Secure Servers” error in Windows?

How do I fix the "Disconnected by VAC: You Cannot Play on Secure Servers" error in Windows?

Close all steam processes and restart

If you are having problems with Steam, you may get the message “Steam Disconnected by VAC: You Cannot Play on Secure Servers”. To fix this, perform the following steps:

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager.
  2. On the Processes tab of the Task Manager, locate all running Steam processes, select them one by one, and click Finish Task for each one.
  3. Click the Start tab and remove Steam from the list of applications you start.
  4. Now reboot your computer.
  5. Once the process is complete, you can try opening Steam again and see if the problem persists.
Repairing Steam Service

Another way to repair Steam service disabled by CAV: you can’t play on protected servers is to repair Steam service. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Drop Steam.
  2. While holding down the Windows key on your keyboard, press R (or click Start -> Run).
  3. Enter the following command: C: Program Files (x86)SteaminSteamService.
  4. Try to open steam again and establish a connection.

Note: Replace the above directory with the Steam service installation location.

Recovering system files

In some cases you may be able to recover a Steam connection that has been disrupted by CAV: you may not be able to play on protected servers by recovering your system files. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Drop Steam.
  2. Click the Start button.
  3. Locate the command line and right-click it -> select Run as administrator.
  4. At the command prompt, type sfc / scan now and press Enter.
  5. When the process completes, restart your computer and try to run Steam again.
Reboot your computer

This simple measurement can be an effective way to fix Steam errors or problems. Be sure to log out of Steam by logging out of your account before restarting it. After restarting your computer, log in to your Steam account and check the problem.


Frequently Asked Questions

VAC bans are permanent, non-negotiable, and cannot be removed by Steam Support. If it is determined that an ACC ban has not been issued correctly, it will automatically be lifted. If you would like to discuss anti-banning with the community, you can do so here.

  1. Start a dedicated Steam server on the Steam Tools tab.
  2. Make sure the Secure box (anti-heat valve) is checked.
  3. Start the server.

If the VAC can't check your game session, but you haven't changed the game files in any way, it means that something is wrong with the file configuration. Sometimes the VAC can also generate a false positive error and display the message "Game session could not be verified".

VAC stands for Valve Anti-Cheat, an automated system designed to detect cheaters installed on users' computers. If a user connects to a secure VAC server from a computer with cheaters installed, the VAC system will prohibit the user from playing the game on secure VAC servers in the future.