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Fixing a blank or empty Insider Program Settings page in Windows 10

The Windows Insider program allows you to get Insider Preview releases for your Windows 10 computer. You can view the page in Windows settings under the Updates and Security tab, which was introduced in October 2014. According to some reports, this page is not visible to some people.

These settings allow users to access early versions of Windows 10 on 3 different rings, viz: Fast, Slow, and Release Preview. The absence of this page can lead to a permanent inability to access and change settings and configurations in the Windows Insider program. Thus, this could be a serious problem for affected users.

Why is the Windows 10 Insider Settings page empty or blank

Why are the Windows 10 Insider Settings page empty or blank

To get early access to Windows 10 20H1, some users switched to the Release Preview channel. But they soon ran into a problem because the Insider Program settings are blank or missing. The message they see in red is that the diagnostics must be set to full to receive the preview builds. The main reason for this issue is incomplete telemetry, as the version preview requires a full level of telemetry, but it remains Basic. Telemetry registration key permissions are also violated, so telemetry cannot be set to full.

For the Windows Insider program settings page to work correctly, you must set the data collection feature to Full, otherwise, you will not be able to participate in the program. If you change permissions to anything else, the Insider program settings page crashes. With this command, you simply force the system to set the capture function to “Full”.

To fix the Insider settings page, blank or empty in Windows 10, follow these steps

To fix the Insider settings page, blank or empty in Windows 10, follow these steps

Change permissions for a registry key

  1. Open the advanced PowerShell console.
  2. In the advanced PowerShell window, copy and paste the following command at a time and press Enter to run it.
  3. $path = “HKLM:SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesDataCollection”.
    $value = “3”
  4. NewProperty -Path $path -Name AllowTelemetry -Value $value -Type Dword -Force
  5. NewProperty -Path $path -Name MaxTelemetryTelemetry -Value $Property -Enter word -Force
  6. Reboot Windows 10.

Please note that if the above command fails to change the registry, you will need to change the permissions of the DataCollection registry key. The procedure is described in detail below.

  1. Open the registry editor.
  2. Navigate to the_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPolicies key.
  3. Right-click on the policies on the left and select Permissions from the menu.
  4. Click the Advanced button.
  5. Set the owner to SYSTEM if it has a different value. Enter the value System as the username after clicking on the `Change` link and click on Check Names.
  6. Click the Disable Inheritance button.
  7. In the next dialog box, select the Convert inherited permissions to explicit permissions for this object.
  8. Now click the Enable Inheritance button.

This will provide the required authorization for the registry in case it is corrupted. Now you need to run the command that we talked about at the beginning of this article.

This will fix the registry permissions if they have been corrupted. After that, run the above PowerShell commands again to restore the Insider page in your Windows 10 settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to Settings -> Update and Security -> Windows Insider -> Stop internal preview builds to see your options. If you're in the Beta or Release Preview channel, you can toggle the switch to stop getting preview builds on your device when the next major version of Windows 10 is released.

On your Windows 10 device, go to Settings -> Updates and Security -> Windows Insider. (You must be an administrator on your device to see this setting). Click the "Get Started" button. Under Select an account to get started, select + to connect your registered Microsoft account, and continue.

If you've only joined the Insider Preview program in the past 10 days, you'll be able to "rollback" to the stable version of Windows 10. To see if you can do this, go to Settings -> Update and Security -> Revert. Under "Revert to a previous version", click the "Start" button, if available.

Install a third-party program. A free program that scans the empty files on your system to find out the name of the file that caused the error. Install the software. The next time your PC crashes, restart it, open the software, and click the "Scan" button in the upper left corner.

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