Fixing a blank or empty Insider Program Settings page in Windows 10

  • The Windows Insider program allows you to get Insider Preview releases for your Windows 10 computer.
  • You can view the page in Windows settings under the Updates and Security tab.
  • According to some reports, this page is not visible to some people.
  • These settings allow users to access early versions of Windows 10 on 3 different rings, viz: Fast, Slow, and Release Preview.
  • The main reason for this issue is incomplete telemetry, as the version preview requires a full level of telemetry.

In Windows 10, you may see a blank or empty setting page for the Insider program.

It has happened to me both, a blank screen as well as the above picture. My problem was that I hadn’t completed half of the steps when signing up for Insiders on my PC, I had done it on the website, but didn’t finish setting it up on my Windows 10 computer. On Tuesday, I still got the feature update, and it turned out that I had already installed Windows 11. I was planning on getting an ISO and putting it in a VM, but hey, it works.

Introducing how to fix the missing Windows Insider Program option on your Windows 11 PC. In this article, we will identify how you can fix the missing Windows Insider Program option on your Windows 11 PC.

In Windows operating system you can configure Windows Insider Program settings to receive Insider Preview builds. You can also choose the Windows Insider Channel from which you want to receive preview builds. In case if you want to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, you need to correctly configure Windows Insider Program settings. Also, to ensure that you continue to receive preview builds, these settings must be aligned properly. However, if Windows Insider Program settings not showing up on your system, this fix may help you.

It is possible to get Insider Preview updates to your Windows 10 computer through the Windows Insider program. Several reports say this page is not visible to everyone, but you can view it in Windows settings under Updates and Security.

Now that many Insiders have faced this issue, it appears to be a common one. It is not possible to configure any settings when you are in this condition, so you cannot receive preview builds of your choice. Here’s how you can fix it. When you go to the Windows Insider Program settings, nothing appears, as in the above screenshot.

Several bugs have been fixed as well as many new features have been added to the Your Phone app in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18908.

By setting these settings, users will be able to access early versions of Windows 10 on a Fast, Slow, or Release Preview basis. Consequently, this could pose a serious problem for users if this page does not exist. In the absence of it, users will be unable to access and change Windows Insider program settings and configurations permanently.

Why is the Windows 10 Insider Settings page empty or blank

Why are the Windows 10 Insider Settings page empty or blank

Windows Insider Program Not Working

By far the most common issue that will leave a Windows Insider Program build not working is undiscovered bugs. Microsoft calls the process of discovering these bugs flighting. Although bugs do sometimes make their way into insider preview builds, they don’t happen very frequently and are typically minor in scope. Even so, significant bugs may occur. One bug from a few years ago, for example, caused certain application windows to gradually shrink over time. Another well-known bug caused JPEGs to display in a way that made it seem as though the files were corrupt.

The process for unlocking the Insider Settings page and setting telemetry parameters is as simple as making a few changes in the registry. By running a PowerShell command line, everything will resume normally.

To get early access to Windows 10 20H1, some users switched to the Release Preview channel. But they soon ran into a problem because the Insider Program settings are blank or missing. The message they see in red is that the diagnostics must be set to full to receive the preview builds. The main reason for this issue is incomplete telemetry, as the version preview requires a full level of telemetry, but it remains Basic. Telemetry registration key permissions are also violated, so telemetry cannot be set to full.

In Windows 10, here’s how to fix blank, empty, or missing Insider Program settings

It is imperative that you set the data collection feature to Full in the Windows Insider program settings page in order to participate in the program. You can force the system to set the capture function to “Full” if the permissions are changed to something else, or the Insider program settings page crashes.

To fix the Insider settings page, blank or empty in Windows 10, follow these steps

We Can T Reach The Windows Insider Program Right Now

The Registry Editor can also be used to fix the ‘We cannot reach the Windows Insider Program right now’ error. By modifying the Registry files you can most likely fix the problem.

To fix the Insider settings page, blank or empty in Windows 10, follow these steps

Change permissions for a registry key

  1. PowerShell’s advanced console should now be open.
  2. Press Enter after copying and pasting each of these commands into the advanced PowerShell window.
  3. HKLM:SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesDataCollection.
    $value = “3”
  4. Specify a path, a name, and a value for the property AllowTelemetry, and force it to be created
  5. Input the value of the property by entering more than one word.
  6. It is necessary to restart Windows 10

Please note that if the above command fails to change the registry, you will need to change the permissions of the DataCollection registry key. The procedure is described in detail below.

  1. The registry editor should be opened.
  2. Find the key _LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPolicies.
  3. To change permissions for policies, right-click them and select Permissions.
  4. Select Advanced.
  5. Set the owner to SYSTEM if it has a different value. Enter the value System as the username after clicking on the `Change` link and click on Check Names.
  6. By clicking Disable Inheritance, you will disable inheritance.
  7. Currently, this object has inherited permissions. Select Convert inherited permissions to explicit permissions in the next dialog box.
  8. Once you’ve clicked Enable Inheritance, the inheritance feature will be enabled.

This will provide the required authorization for the registry in case it is corrupted. Now you need to run the command that we talked about at the beginning of this article.

We Can’t Reach The Windows Insider Program Right Now

You can now access the Windows Insider Program section by using the Settings apps. Visit the Windows Update page by clicking the Start button and scrolling down.

Afterwards, run the PowerShell commands above once more to restore your Windows 10 settings to the Insider page. If the permissions have been corrupted there will be an error.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to Settings -> Update and Security -> Windows Insider -> Stop internal preview builds to see your options. If you're in the Beta or Release Preview channel, you can toggle the switch to stop getting preview builds on your device when the next major version of Windows 10 is released.

On your Windows 10 device, go to Settings -> Updates and Security -> Windows Insider. (You must be an administrator on your device to see this setting). Click the "Get Started" button. Under Select an account to get started, select + to connect your registered Microsoft account, and continue.

If you've only joined the Insider Preview program in the past 10 days, you'll be able to "rollback" to the stable version of Windows 10. To see if you can do this, go to Settings -> Update and Security -> Revert. Under "Revert to a previous version", click the "Start" button, if available.

Install a third-party program. A free program that scans the empty files on your system to find out the name of the file that caused the error. Install the software. The next time your PC crashes, restart it, open the software, and click the "Scan" button in the upper left corner.

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