Fixing an error: Uplay cannot start the download

The error “Uplay cannot start loading” may be caused by DNS, compatibility issues, authorization issues, etc. If you encounter this error message, you can read this post. It will show you several solutions to this problem. You can click now to get these methods from Techquack.

Very often, users who download games from the camera viewing service encounter an error that prevents them from starting the download – “Uplay cannot start downloading”. Make sure you have an active Internet connection and enough space on your hard drive and try again.” In this article, we will collect all possible solutions to this problem to help you overcome the error.

What is the cause of the “Uplay can’t start to download” error on Windows?

What is the cause of the "Uplay can't start to download" error on Windows?

The “Uplay can’t start booting” error can have several causes. The first is to check Ubisoft’s website and social media accounts for problems with their servers. If their servers are down, nothing will help you until they fix the problem. For other possible causes, check out the list we’ve prepared below!

DNS problems – DNS problems are related to your network settings. The best way to fix them is to simply use Google’s free DNS address. You can also try clearing your DNS and resetting TCP/IP. See if that solves the problem!

Compatibility and permissions issues – if you’re having trouble starting a download in Uplay, try running the client in Windows 7 compatibility mode and giving it administrator rights. This may help you solve some permissions issues for the installation folder.

Antivirus is blocking Uplay – if the error has appeared recently, you should try to disable antivirus during the installation. Each antivirus tool can be disabled differently, but you should also disable Windows Defender!

Installation folder problems – Uplay may have problems installing the game in your chosen directory. This can easily be fixed by installing the game in a different directory, or by renaming the folder and asking Uplay to scan it again!

How do I fix the “Uplay can’t start the download” error?

How do I fix the "Uplay can't start the download" error?

Upgrading to the preview version of Uplay

If the “Uplay can’t start downloading” error message appears, no matter what game you’re downloading, you can try upgrading to the preview version to fix the problem.

  1. Double-click the Uplay client icon on your desktop to open it.
  2. Click the menu button and select Settings.
  3. Click the General tab and select the Try preview versions checkbox.
  4. Open Uplay again and see if the “Uplay can’t start downloading” error goes away.
Use Google’s DNS address

The cause of this problem could also be the setting of your DNS address. To fix this error, try changing your default DNS address to the free Google DNS address.

  1. Type “Control Panel” in the search bar and click “Control Panel” to open it. Select Browse by Small icons and click Network and Share Center.
  2. Click Change Adapter Settings, right-click the network adapter you are currently using, and then select Properties.
  3. Under This connection uses the following items, click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and select Properties.
  4. Check to Use the following DNS server addresses, set 8.8.8 as your preferred DNS server and as your alternate DNS server.
  5. Check that the output settings are correct and click OK.
  6. Open Uplay again and check if the error message “Uplay can’t start downloading” is still there.

Clearing DNS and resetting TCP/IP

If you can’t fix the error after trying method 2, you can always try clearing DNS and resetting TCP/IP.

  1. Type cmd in the search box, right-click on the command prompt, and select Run as administrator.
  2. Type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter to execute this command.
  3. Then type netsh int ip reset and press Enter.
  4. Download or update your Ubisoft game to make sure the “Uplay cannot start loading” error is gone.
Reinstall Uplay

This is probably one of the easiest solutions. You can try reinstalling the Uplay client to fix this error. Be sure to include this method in your troubleshooting process. Let’s take Windows 10 as an example.

  1. Click on the Start menu and select Settings to open it.
  2. Click Apps to see all the applications installed on your computer.
  3. Right-click on the Uplay entry and click Uninstall to open the Uplay Uninstall Wizard. You can then follow the steps on the screen to uninstall Uplay.
Changing the compatibility properties of the Uplay client

You can try running the Uplay client in compatibility mode, and also run the Uplay client with administrator rights to solve the problem.

  1. Right-click the Uplay shortcut icon on your desktop and select Open File Location.
  2. Right-click on the Uplay.exe file and select Properties.
  3. Click the Compatibility tab, check the Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows 7.
  4. Under Settings, select the Run this program as an administrator check box and click OK.
  5. Download or update your Ubisoft game to see if the “Uplay can`t start downloading” error persists.
Deleting a specific folder

A folder in AppData may contain the cache of the Uplay client.
So you can try to delete this folder to fix the error without reinstalling the application or losing game files. Make sure you find the right folder and hopefully delete it to fix the problem.

  1. Click on the “Libraries” icon to open File Explorer. Go to “This PC” > “Local Drive” > “Users” and find the folder you are in.
  2. Double-click AppData to open it.
  3. Open the Roaming folder, right-click on Ubisoft, and select Delete to delete the Uplay client cache folder.
  4. Open the Uplay client again and check if you still get the error message – Download update: Uplay cannot start downloading.
Disable the antivirus program on your computer.

If you are getting this error message when downloading or updating games, you can try disabling your real-time antivirus protection program to solve the problem.

Make sure that you quickly restore your antivirus once you solve this problem, as your computer is at risk without your antivirus protection. The deactivation tools are different for each antivirus program. After disabling the antivirus software, you must also disable Windows Defender.

  1. Click on the Start menu and click Settings to open it.
  2. Click the Update and Security tab, and then click the Windows Defender tab. Click the Open Windows Defender Center button.
  3. Click Virus and Threat Protection, and then click Virus and Threat Protection Options. Disable real-time protection and confirm all screen prompts.
  4. Open Uplay again and download or update the games to see if you still get the “Uplay cannot start downloading” error message.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. First of all, you need to open Uplay.
  2. Then click on the menu icon, which should be in the upper right corner of the Uplay window.
  3. Once the menu is open, click on Settings.
  4. Look for the Always run Uplay offline option and uncheck it.

  1. Uninstall Uplay and reinstall Uplay. Press Windows + R.
  2. Disable the antivirus program when launching the Uplay title.
  3. Run Uplay with administrator privileges.
  4. Restart your router.
  5. Disable any proxy or VPN.
  6. Continue to click Login.

  1. First, uninstall Uplay.
  2. Open the files and remove EVERYTHING related to Uplay or Ubisoft (don't forget to save your game backup files) (the Uplay uninstall function was not enough to remove corrupted files).
  3. Reinstall Uplay.

In the Play settings (available by clicking on the cogwheel icon in the upper right corner of the client), there is an option "Allow Uplay to use a proxy connection to access the Internet". For some users, this option is problematic. Try to disable it and save your changes.