Fixing the line 0 stack overflow error

Some users have posted on many software forums about a line 0 stack overflow error that occurs on their web browser (especially Internet Explorer). This error can occur when trying to connect to Web sites.

A stack is an area of memory in which a program stores its variables, calculations, optional states, and settings. A program is allocated some memory for the stack at startup; a stack overflow occurs when the program exceeds its allocated size. This program may try to write to adjacent memory, causing conflicts with other programs. Stack overflows are common in Java, C++, Perl, and other runtime environments that help run programs. A stack overflow at line 0 means that the offending program has stumbled from the beginning, but stack overflows can occur at any line number.

The stack in question in the error message is the area of memory (RAM) in which the software stores program variables and parameters. Stack errors (i.e., stack overflows) occur when programs exceed the amount of memory allocated to the stack. Such stack overflows often occur in Java, C++, and Perl runtime environments for browser-based applets.


What causes the Windows stack overflow error message on line 0

What causes the Windows stack overflow error message on line 0

If you receive this error message on your computer, it means that your system has failed.

Common causes include incorrect or failed installation or removal of software that may have left invalid entries in the Windows registry, the effects of a virus or malware attack, improper system shutdown due to a power outage or other factors, accidental deletion of a required system file or registry entry by someone with limited technical knowledge, and several other causes. The immediate cause of “Windows Error Stack Overflow on line 0” is an incorrect execution of one of the common operations by a system or application component.


Troubleshooting the stack overflow in line 0

Troubleshooting the stack overflow in line 0

Solution 1
  1. Click Start, Control Panel, and then Internet Options. Click the Advanced tab.
  2. Check the “Disable script debugging (IE)” and “Disable script debugging (others)” boxes in the Browsing options.
  3. Disable “Show notifications whenever a script error occurs”.
  4. Check the “Enable automatic recovery in case of a crash” box.
  5. Click “OK”.
  6. Download and install the Java update from the Java website.
  7. Download and install the Windows update.
Some possible solutions to this problem
  1. Updating Java and Flash player can fix the “Stack overflow on line 0” error.
  2. Using the Firefox web browser can prevent this error.
  3. If the IE debugger does not work or does not help in this regard, disable script debugging and try connecting the Visual Studio advanced debugger to Internet Explorer to find and fix the problem.
  4. Disable script debugging in Internet Explorer. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Navigation section -> Disable script debugging.
  5. If your code has a tag called MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback, removing it may fix the problem.
  6. If you used selenium to automate your browser and got a “Stack Overflow at line 0” error when testing, it probably happened when testing IE. Your problem may have been“Xyz”). Replacing it with, XPath, or others may solve the problem.
  7. An incessant loop or recursive Java call may also be the culprit. Debugging your Java code may solve this problem.
  8. How to avoid these problems: Stack overflows can often occur on computers due to software bugs or, usually, problems with the registry. The likelihood of stack overflows occurring in line 0 can be greatly reduced by using windows registry maintenance software. Registry maintenance software is designed to solve common Windows registry problems.


Frequently Asked Questions

The most common cause of stack overflow is too deep or infinite recursion, in which a function is called so many times that more space is needed to store variables and information associated with each call than can fit on the stack.

The simplest solution is to carefully inspect the stack trace and notice the repetition of line numbers. These line numbers indicate a code called recursion. Once you notice these lines, you need to look closely at your code and understand why recursion never ends.

  1. Disable ActiveX scripts. Since stack errors are caused by browser scripts, disabling ActiveX scripts can help fix the line stack overflow error.
  2. Resetting Internet Explorer.
  3. Run a malware byte scan.
  4. Update the Java version.
  5. Disable script debugging.

Stack overflow is an undesirable condition in which a particular computer program tries to use more memory than is available in the call stack. In programming, the call stack is a buffer that holds the requests being processed. In Windows, a stack overflow error can be caused by certain types of malware.