Marblebeard error code in Sea of Thieves

How do I fix the Marblebeard error code in Sea of Thieves

The most fun part of most computer games these days is the multiplayer mode. Players no longer need to gather in their dorm room, living room, or basement to compete. Thanks to an Internet connection, each participant can play in the comfort of their own home, with the screen all to themselves.

Sea of Thieves is one of the games with such a powerful multiplayer infrastructure. Friends can participate in journeys, quests, and conflicts. It’s always fun to take part in a game like this until something terrible happens and everything breaks down.

If you are on this site, you should experience the “Marblebeard” error when you try to connect with other friends. It’s a strange name for an error code that causes a kind of bitter boredom. However, don’t panic just yet because other gamers, including your fellow Xboxers, have also reported this error.

What is the cause of Sea of Thieves’ Marblebeard error code

What is the cause of Sea of Thieves' Marblebeard error code

  • Xbox Live server or game problem: The problem may be related to a server issue with the Xbox Live infrastructure or a general problem with game servers. In this case, there is no viable solution to fix the problem other than to wait or ask the developers to fix the problem.
  • Sea of Thieves port not being forwarded: Another common cause of this problem is the inability of the router to forward the port used by the game. If this is the case, you can solve the problem by enabling UPnP (if your router supports it) or by manually redirecting the game port (3074) in your router settings.
  • IP / TCP network incompatibility: It turns out that this problem can also be fed by a general network incompatibility, which does not allow the selected platform (Xbox One or PC) to establish a stable connection to the game server. In this case, restarting or rebooting the router should solve the problem.
  • Inconsistent MAC Address on Xbox One: If you see this error code on your Xbox One, the problem may be caused by an inconsistent MAC address that prevents your console from communicating with the game server. In this case, removing an alternate MAC address from the console’s network menu should solve the problem.
  • Corruption of system files: If this problem occurs only after an unexpected console shutdown or failed upgrade, it can be assumed that corruption of system files is causing connectivity problems. To fix this problem, perform a hardware reset on your Xbox One console.

Here’s how to fix the Sea of Thieves Marblebeard error code

Here's how to fix the Sea of Thieves Marblebeard error code

Reset Xbox One

  1. Go to Settings -> Console Info and select the Reset Console menu on the left side of the screen.
  2. Select the Reset and Delete All option and proceed to reset the console to factory defaults.
  3. You can also select Rest and store my games and apps to save your game data.
  4. Reboot the console and try installing and running the game again to see if the Marblebeard error is gone.

Check if the NAT is open

NAT stands for “Network Address Translation.” If the NAT is disabled on the Xbox or PC, a Marble error is expected.

  1. To check the NAT on your Xbox One, press the Xbox button on your controller and click on the Guide menu, go to Settings -> All Settings. Now select Network and go to Network Settings. Check to see if the NAT type status is open or not. If it is not, go to Advanced Settings and enable NAT.
  2. To check the NAT status on your computer, go to Settings -> Games -> Network Xbox. If it is disabled, try allowing it or go to the next step to enable NAT on your router.
  3. You should also check your router settings. By default, your router allows NAT. However, sometimes you have to check, just in case. Launch your browser and type in the address of your router, for example `′ or `′, press Enter to open. Log in to your account and go to the Advanced menu, click the NAT Forwarding tab and make sure the UPnP option is enabled.
  4. If enabling NAT does not resolve the error, you must reboot your router, Xbox, and PC.

Check the status of the Sea of Thieves server

The Sea of Thieves Marblebeard error code usually occurs when too many players are connected to a particular server, making the server slow and inaccessible to other users. If the server is under maintenance, you may encounter this error. If you have a slow internet connection, you may also encounter this problem.

Therefore, the first thing to do after finding the error is to check the status of the server. You can click on the link here and check if the server is down or inactive. You can also check other services, such as DownDetector, to confirm.

If you find that the servers are working fine, but the error is still occurring, continue using the other methods. However, if you find a problem with the server, wait until the server status is good. Then you can connect to the server and play the game.

You can also check the server status on the Xbox Live status page. Although the game is built on the Xbox Live infrastructure, if there is a problem with the server, the game will stop working. If there is a problem with the server, none of the methods presented here can solve it. First make sure that the server is working properly, then apply the methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Temporary banning is a feature that should be used very sparingly, as it means that a user who does 10 bad things in 10 minutes will be blocked for 10 minutes.

Another common error message, these two Sea of Thieves errors are always related to your console or PC not being able to connect to the game's servers. To fix this, simply close the Sea of Thieves app, regardless of the platform you play on, and restart the game to try to connect to the servers again.

The Lavenderbeard error code occurs to PC and Xbox users in Sea of Thieves when they try to post or join the game. This problem is either caused by a server issue or facilitated by a disconnect occurring locally.

Network address translation (NAT) problems are the most common cause of the Woodbeard error, as many players have found. NAT is critical to the game's connectivity mechanism. It must be open to the game to connect you to other players. The solution to the problem on your PC is to enable UPnP.

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