How do I solve the problem: VMware authorization service does not work

How to successfully start a virtual machine in VMware Workstation? How to get rid of the “VMware Authorization Service is not running” message? Here, Techquack would like to share some solutions.

Many Windows users report the “The VMware Authorization Service is not running” error when they try to run a virtual machine on a VMware Workstation or VMware Player. The problem is not limited to a specific version of Windows, as it also occurs on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


What causes the “Vmware Authorization Service not working” error?

What causes the "Vmware Authorization Service not working" error?

We researched this particular problem by looking at the various custom reports and repair strategies that are currently being used to fix this particular issue. According to our research, there are several common culprits that are known to trigger this particular error message:

VMware authorization service not working: It turns out that this particular problem can occur when the VMware authorization service is not working. If this scenario applies, you can solve the problem by running the service from the Services or System Configuration screen.

VMware does not have administrator privileges: User Account Control (UAC) may be responsible for blocking the application and failing to invoke the authorization service. In this case, you can solve the problem by configuring the launcher to run with administrator privileges or by lowering the UAC security settings.

VMware installation is corrupt: This problem can also occur if the VMware installation folder contains corrupt or missing files. If this scenario applies to your situation, you can use the recovery wizard included with VMware to resolve the problem.

If you are currently trying to resolve this particular error message, this article offers several diagnostic methods that can solve the problem for you. Below are a number of methods that other interested users have used successfully to resolve the problem permanently.

Since the possible solutions listed below are ranked in order of effectiveness and severity, we recommend that you follow the methods in that order. Ultimately, only one method should lead to success, regardless of the cause of the problem.


How do I fix the “Vmware Authorization Service is not running” error?

How do I fix the "Vmware Authorization Service is not running" error?

Run the VMware Authorization Service
  1. Open IT Management. In Windows 10, press the Windows + X logo and then press the M key on your keyboard. In Windows 7, right-click Computer on the Start menu and select Manage.
  2. Click Services and Applications. Then double-click Services in the right pane.
  3. Scroll down the page to find the VMware Authorization Service. When you find it, double-click to open its properties.
  4. In the “Startup Type” field, select the “Automatic” option. Then click the “Start” button to start the service.

Note: If the VMware authorization service is already displaying a “Running” status but is not running, it does not have administrator rights. Make sure that you are logged in as an administrator.

Performing a repair using the original VMware installer for the workstation

If there is unusual behavior on a VMware workstation, such as VMware authorization service not working or not working, you can perform a repair update to resolve the problem. A repair update installs VMware Workstation on top of an existing version on your hard disk using the package installation file.

This allows you to fix faulty operating system files while preserving personal files, settings, and installed applications. First, you need to run the VMware Workstation installer. You can download it from the website.

  1. When you get to the VMware Workstation installation package file, you can start the repair immediately by simply double-clicking the file to mount it.
  2. In the VMware Workstation configuration window, click Next to proceed with the repair.
  3. Select the Restore option.
  4. Wait for the wizard to complete the repair process.
  5. Once the repair process is complete, you can click Reboot Now to begin rebooting, or Reboot Later if you plan to reboot the system later.
  6. That’s it! You have successfully completed the repair process.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Type services in the Windows search bar.
  2. Services open; scroll down to "VMware Authorization Service" (which should be at the bottom of the page).
  3. Change the startup type to automatic, then start the service.

  1. Log in to your Windows operating system as an administrator.
  2. Click Start and type Run.
  3. Type Services.
  4. Scroll down the list and find the VMware authorization service.

A Vmware driver that acts as an authorization and authentication service to boot and access virtual machines.

Download and reinstall VMware Workstation. This will provide you with the latest version and replace/restore any missing or corrupted virtual network settings. Make sure the Workstation services are working properly. Uninstall and reinstall VMware tools.

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