How to disable (or enable) Grayscale mode in Windows 10

Did your screen turn gray all of a sudden? Don't worry, you've not jumped back in time - you probably just hit a key combination! Learn how to change it back (or enable it) here!

How to disable (or enable) Grayscale mode in Windows 10

The grayscale mode can be used to give your computer a… somewhat old fashioned look. It’s also used for easier access for visually impaired users, and grayscale isn’t the only one. We made an article reviewing them all here. Others include ‘Inverted’,’Grayscale Inverted’, ‘Deutranopia’, ‘Tritanopia’ and, ‘Protanopia’ Were you using your PC normally and then all of a sudden everything turns black and white? Don’t worry - here is how to disable (or enable) it in Windows 10.

There are a few ways to enable or disable grayscale mode on your PC, one of which being the keyboard combination. Upon pressing CTRL + Windows Key + C, this should disable your grayscale mode (or enable it). Please note:  In later versions of Windows, you need to enable this key command which can be found below.

If this above doesn’t seem to be working for you, you can do it through the Windows 10 search/settings panel. 

1. Search for ‘Color (or ‘Colour’) filters’ within your Windows search. 

Colour filter

2. Click on “Turn colour (color) filters on or off.”

Colour Filter Preview

Once in the settings, If not enabled, you can click on “Turn on colour/color filters” to turn it on.



Pick a filter! You can pick from any of the 6 available filters!

(If you’re wanting to toggle this on and off using the CTRL + Windows Key + C shortcut, you may need to enable it in the above menu. It should be called a tickbox called ‘Allow the shortcut key to toggle on or off’.