How to fix a Chrome Create shortcut that isn’t working

Shortcuts are a great way to reduce click and scroll time when browsing and working. I recently came to this conclusion when using shortcuts to invoke zooming because I didn’t have a physical mouse, and relying on a mouse pad on my laptop seemed like a real headache. Since I work mostly online, I use Google Chrome, and yes, I tend to use a lot of Chrome keyboard shortcuts to control my tabs. Recently, however, the Chrome keyboard shortcuts weren’t working, and I was curious to see how I could fix the problem. As I found out, you don’t have to waste time searching the Internet on your own.


Why is the Chrome Create shortcut not working

Why is the Chrome Create shortcut not working

Since the system update, some users have reported problems with shortcuts in Windows 10. Shortcuts for apps in Modern UI and Desktop modes became ineffective and didn’t allow you to launch the programs you needed.

If your Windows 10 Chrome shortcut is not working, it can cause a lot of problems as you can’t easily access this software, wasting precious time.

Although Windows 10 offers troubleshooting tools to solve these problems, these tools have failed to find solutions on some systems, leading to dissatisfaction for many customers.

Not being able to use keyboard shortcuts can be a big problem, and this article will discuss the issue. These errors can easily be fixed, and in this guide by Techquack, we’ll show you how.


To fix the Chrome Create shortcut problem

To fix the Chrome Create shortcut problem

Method 1

Sometimes you may find that the Create Shortcut option is grayed out. This happens when you use the incognito window or guest window in Chrome. You need to use a regular Chrome window to solve the problem. To switch to normal incognito viewing mode, open the Chrome menu and click New Window.

  1. Load the website for which you want to create a shortcut and you should have access to the Create shortcut without issue option.
  2. To exit guest mode, click the guest profile icon and then click Exit Guest Mode. Reload the website in a regular Chrome window, and you can access the Create Shortcut option again.
  3. However, the “Create Shortcuts” option will always appear grayed out on new tabs or internal Chrome pages (such as the Settings page). Chrome intentionally restricts the creation of shortcuts on these pages.
Method 2

When you create a shortcut to a webpage, the shortcut opens the webpage in a separate window without menus, tabs, or other browser components. You can also set the Chrome shortcut to open as the default web page in a new browser tab since the Standalone window option isn’t available in all versions of Windows.

  1. Open the Chrome web browser and navigate to the web page.
  2. Navigate to the Chrome menu located in the upper right corner of the browser and represented by three vertically-aligned dots.
  3. Select “Other Tools” and choose either “Add to Desktop”, “Create Shortcut” or “Create Application Shortcut” (the option that appears depends on your operating system).
  4. Enter a name for the shortcut, or leave the default name, which is the name of the web page.
  5. Select Create to add the shortcut to the desktop.

The above method is not the only way to create shortcuts that open in Chrome. Here are other ways to create a shortcut to a web page:

Method 3
  1. Highlight the URL in the address bar.
  2. Drag the shortcut to a folder on your computer.
Method 4
  1. Right-click on your desktop, go to New, and select Shortcut.
  2. Enter the URL and select Next.
  3. Enter a name for the shortcut and select Done.
Method 5
  1. Select the shortcut on the desktop.
  2. Drag the shortcut to the Windows taskbar.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have "Open a specific page or set of pages," shortcuts may not work. So try selecting something else, like "Open New Tabbed Page", quit Chrome, and then try double-clicking that shortcut on the desktop again. Let's hope it all works out!

Some users have reported that a simple check of system files with this program can fix the shortcuts problem on the desktop right away: press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to launch Task Manager. Select File and start a new task. Check the box next to Create this task with administrative privileges.

  1. In the upper right corner of Google Chrome, click the 3-point extension menu.
  2. Expand the "Other Tools" menu.
  3. Click on the "Extensions" button.
  4. Scroll to the extension you want and select the keyboard shortcut with "Ctrl" or "Ctrl + Shift" and any available keys.

Note: Desktop shortcuts also tend to stop working, usually due to the wrong path to the executable program they were supposed to run. If you uninstalled a particular program, you have no choice but to remove the shortcut.

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