How to Fix the DPC Watchdog Violation Steam Error

dpc watchdog violation steam

Are you experiencing a DPC Watchdog Error on your Windows system? Are you uncertain of the cause and how to resolve it? The issue stems from DPC (Deferred Procedure Call), an internal bug checker which monitors all Windows processes and background activities.

When DPC takes longer than expected to complete tasks, an error message appears. This could be caused by outdated device drivers, software conflicts, unsupported SSD firmware or corrupted system files.

1. Uninstall the program

A DPC watchdog violation is a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) error that can lock your computer and prevent you from accessing it. Not only does this rob you of productivity, but it may also cause emotional stress.

This error can be caused by a variety of things, such as software conflicts, hardware issues and corrupt system files. One common factor to blame for the issue is an outdated or damaged driver.

You can check if your drivers are malfunctioning by running the Event Viewer. This Windows feature provides detailed information about applications and drivers running on your machine.

Another potential cause of this problem may be a software conflict between two installed programs, such as when running antiviruses or firewalls simultaneously.

There are various solutions to this problem, so it’s best to explore each one until you find one that works best for your specific circumstances. Some require reinstalling Windows OS while others necessitate taking out certain pieces of hardware.

2. Run a system file check

If you want to determine if any system files are corrupt or missing, run the SFC (System File Checker) command. This will scan your system files for damage or incorrectity and replace them if found.

This tool can be invaluable when you’re encountering errors such as Blue Screens of Death and system crashes. Additionally, it helps identify and fix issues with Windows itself.

The SFC command is a troubleshooting utility included in all versions of Microsoft Windows. It scans all protected and non-protected system files to determine whether they are corrupt or not, then repairs them if needed.

Malware or set-up programs can corrupt Windows’ files, leading to issues. SFC scans usually replace these corrupted documents with cached copies so you can easily locate and repair them with ease. Be mindful that this process may take some time, so be sure not to interrupt it or shut down your computer during that time.

3. Update the SSD firmware

The SSD firmware is an integral component of your hard drive that keeps your computer running optimally. Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked by owners of this type of drive but essential in avoiding Blue Screen of Death errors (BSODs).

If you have a solid state drive (SSD) in your Windows 10 PC, it is highly recommended that you update its firmware immediately. Doing so will enable the SSD to operate faster and more efficiently.

Maintaining your SSD driver is recommended in order to prevent any potential BSODs in the future.

To update your SSD driver in Windows 10, expand the drives section and right-click on your SSD. Alternatively, you may download it from the manufacturer website.

A DPC watchdog violation usually occurs when new hardware is installed on the system. This can be caused by incompatible software or hardware, so it’s essential to remove any that could be causing the error.

4. Restart the computer

If you’ve attempted to resolve the dpc watchdog violation steam error and it persists, restarting your computer may help. Doing so will run a system scan which will delete any unnecessary files and fix any errors in Windows’ operating system.

Furthermore, you might need to update your device drivers or software application. Often, a stop code dpc watchdog violation error is caused by outdated or damaged drivers and hardware incompatibilities.

Another frequent cause of this error is software conflict. This occurs when an application is incompatible with existing system programs.

Additionally, a corrupted system file can result in the DPC watchdog violation and steam blue screen error. Therefore, it’s essential to repair Windows system files using an effective tool like SFC (System File Checker).

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