How to fix the "Roku cannot connect to the Internet" error

How to fix the “Roku cannot connect to the Internet” error

We all know that Roku is a streaming device like the Amazon FireStick or Chromecast. It is also known as an external media streamer. Over time, Roku can have problems or errors, such as “Roku can’t connect to the Internet.” So, what can you do? Buy a new model or fix it instead, you can fix it yourself. Yes, you can fix it yourself.

Roku users may run into some problems after using it for a long time. One of the most common problems is that the Roku cannot connect to the Internet. Some of the problems are as follows: Roku remote not working, Check network connection, Reset your streaming device, Roku 003 error code, Roku 014.40 error code, Roku 014.30 error code, Roku 009 error code. But the most common problem is “Roku not connecting to the internet or wifi”.

In this Techquack article, we will show you all the reasons why Roku is not connecting to the internet and how to solve this problem.


What causes “error code 009” on Roku?

What causes "error code 009" on Roku?

We found the following causes:

The DNS cache: In some cases, the DNS configurations that are cached by the router to connect to the Internet may be corrupted. This can cause the connection process to be interrupted because some DNS servers cannot connect.

The Internet connections: Your Internet connection may be down frequently, causing problems connecting Roku to its database. The service requires a fast and stable Internet connection for streaming content.

The Device configurations: In some cases, the device may have internal problems that prevent it from properly connecting to servers. These internal problems can sometimes be caused by a bug in the system software. After a period of time, the system software may be corrupted and some of its functions may be restricted after the corruption.

The Loosened cables: It is also possible that some of the cables used to connect devices may be loose, resulting in an error. Therefore, make sure that there are no problems with the cables and that they are connected correctly.


How to troubleshoot Roku cannot connect to the Internet

How to troubleshoot Roku cannot connect to the Internet

Fortunately, getting Roku back online is usually pretty quick and easy. And in most cases, when Roku can’t connect to the Internet, the problem isn’t even with Roku itself, but with your router, other devices in your home, or your connection settings.

Start solving your Roku connection problems by checking the physical hardware, making sure that all cables are properly connected, and that the device is connected to the right network.

Perform an internet speed test

If your Roku is connected to the Internet, but the connection seems weak, open the Roku settings menu, go to “Network” and then “Test Connection”. The device will check your Internet signal quality and speed, and let you know if your problems might be caused by a poor connection.

Assuming your router’s signal strength and speed seem adequate, try disconnecting other devices using the Internet to give Roku more bandwidth. You can also try moving Roku closer to your router to improve the connection strength.

Reboot your Roku

As with many devices, rebooting your Roku can often improve performance. Go to Settings, then select System, and then System Restart to reboot your Roku. Don’t forget to reboot your router as well.

Connect an Ethernet cable to your Roku

Although it’s not possible to connect an Ethernet cable to the Roku Stick, physically connecting a compatible Roku drive to the Internet with a cable will always provide the most stable connection.

To learn which Rokus devices work with Ethernet connections and how to connect them, read the article on how to connect a Roku device to the internet with a wired or wifi connection.

Switching devices

In most cases, the error is caused by a conflict within the startup configurations and can be corrupted. Therefore, in this step, we will disable the devices while deleting the cached data. This will also clear the DNS cache for the router.

  1. Unplug all affected devices from the electrical outlet.
  2. Press and hold the “Power” button on the devices for at least 15 seconds.
  3. Reconnect the power cord and press the power button to turn the devices on.
  4. Wait for the devices to turn on and check if the problem persists.


Frequently Asked Questions

Restart your Roku device and router.

To restart your Roku player, go to Settings -> System -> System Restart. To reboot Roku TV, go to Settings -> System -> Power -> System reboot. You can also disconnect your Roku device from its power source, wait a few minutes, and then reconnect it.

  1. Check your network icon (or wireless settings) to see if you can access the Internet.
  2. Check if your proxy settings have been changed.
  3. Check your network cables to see if your computer is connected to your router.
  4. Reboot your router.
  5. Check your firewall or security software.

Your Windows computer recognizes your network adapter because you have installed drivers for it. If there is a problem with the drivers, it can cause problems such as "Windows can't connect to this network." One way to solve driver problems is to uninstall the device and drivers.

Turn on your Roku device. On your TV, select the input that corresponds to your Roku HDMI port. Exit the TV settings and go to the Roku home screen. On the Roku remote control, select Settings -> Network -> Wireless (Wi-Fi) -> Set up a new Wi-Fi connection.

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