How to open the command prompt in Windows 10

Need to get into your command prompt on Windows 10? Here is a guide for 2 easy and simple ways to get into that!

How to open the command prompt in Windows 10

For whatever reason, you or your IT administrator may need to access the command line. It’s not exactly in plain view, and there are a few ways to get to it. Here are 2 ways to the command line up!

1. Through the Windows Search
Arguably the easiest way is just to search for the application. To search, you can press the Windows key (⊞) and search for ‘Command Prompt’ or ‘CMD’ This will enable you to see the Command Prompt and run this as you normally would. To run this as an ‘Administrator’ you can just right click instead of left and press ‘Run as Administrator’. For more information on how to run programs as an administrator, we have a dedicated article for it here!

2. Through Keyboard Shortcuts
A faster way of accessing the command prompt is by running it through the Windows 10 ‘Run’ box. To access this, you can press the “Windows Key (⊞) + R” at the same time which will open your ‘Run’ box. Within the box, you can type ‘cmd’ which will, in turn, open the command prompt for your computer. If you’re not an administrator this will launch in a limited mode and may need to be escalated to do certain tasks. If you don’t have administrative permissions, you may have a tickbox asking if you would like to run the command prompt with administrative rights, you will be prompted for credentials so make sure you have them to hand!

Hopefully, this helps you out! Please ensure that you know what your doing as making changes in the command prompt could cause a few problems, although usually, this is not the case!