How to Repair: Error Code Broccoli in Destiny 2 on Windows 10 PC

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer shooter developed by Bungie to satisfy the desires of video game fans by providing a virtual environment with fictional characters. Although it is a well-structured online gaming platform, players still report some error codes they have encountered since its release.

One of the most common bugs reported recently is “Graphics runtime detected a crash or loss of device,” which prevents the game from correctly identifying the player’s GPU. We’ve reviewed this problem and provided some effective solutions to help you fix the error code Broccoli on your system.

What causes Destiny 2 error code Broccoli?

Damaged or outdated GPU drivers: In some cases, this problem may be caused by one or more corrupt files in the dependent drivers. In other cases, the cause may simply be an outdated driver. In both cases, however, the solution is to update the GPU driver to the latest version available.

Outdated Windows: If GPU driver updates are handled by the Windows Update component (as is the case with some AMD GPUs), the problem can most likely be solved by simply installing all pending Windows updates (important and optional).

Screen Size Error: It appears that some Nvidia GPUs tend to cause this error when GeForce Experience forcibly enables a full-screen mode in Destiny 2, even if the current saved settings are different. In this case, you can solve the problem by changing the current settings in GeForce Experience before restarting the game.

How to resolve the error code Broccoli in Destiny 2?

Check the integrity of the game files

  1. Start Steam on your computer.
  2. Right-click it and select Properties.
  3. Click the Local Files tab and then click Check Game File Integrity.
  4. Restart your computer.

Update your video card drivers

  1. Open the Device Manager. Expand Display Adapters, right-click the video card, and select Update Driver.
  2. Select Automatically check for driver software updates and let the process finish.
  3. Right-click on the video card again and select Update Driver. This time, on the next screen, select Scan my computer for driver software.
  4. Now select Let me choose from a list of available drivers on my computer and click Next.
  5. Finally, select the last driver from the list and click Next. Allow the above process to complete and restart your computer.

Resetting the graphics driver

  1. Find the Device Manager in the search bar and open it.
  2. Right-click on the device that is causing the problem and select Properties.
  3. On the Driver tab, click the Reset Driver option and follow the on-screen instructions to return to the previously installed driver.
  4. Restart your computer and see if the problem is resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Rollback the graphics driver.
  2. Update graphics card driver manually.
  3. Check the integrity of the game files.
  4. Change the game mode in Windows 10.
  5. Turn on SLI and switch to debug mode.

If the same error codes appear repeatedly, it indicates that the player is likely experiencing a unique problem. The cause of these outages could be corrupted data in the Destiny installation or a source of instability in the player's network configuration.

  1. Change the settings in the NVIDIA software.
  2. Check your GPU monitoring software.
  3. Uninstall and reinstall NVIDIA drivers
  4. Check the GPU for hardware errors.

  1. Close the application and restart it.
  2. Reboot and clear your platform cache.
  3. Switch to a wired connection if you are using WiFi.
  4. Turn off your network equipment.
  5. Contact your ISP for any possible problems with network traffic, stability, or packet loss.

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