How to Resolve ‘Couldn’t load XPCOM’ in Mozilla Firefox Browser

Problems with Firefox or other applications happen sooner or later, so it’s important to know how to fix them.

Users have reported the ‘XPCOM could not load’ error message in Windows 10 when trying to launch certain applications, so let’s see if this problem can be fixed.

What causes ‘XPCOM could not load’?

Mozilla releases updates to Firefox as new features become available, sometimes it becomes incompatible with Windows due to new features or other installed programs, even after many tests it is not compatible with Windows and related programs.

The “XPCOM could not load” error is usually caused by Windows updates. Although there are several methods on the Internet to solve this problem, the method described in this guide is the easiest one I have found.

How to repair ‘XPCOM can’t load?

Reset Firefox to default settings

  1. Launch Firefox in safe mode.
  2. Now select Update Firefox -> select Update Firefox.

Uninstall Firefox and reinstall it

If updating Firefox to the latest version didn’t work, you should uninstall Firefox completely and reinstall it. Uninstalling Firefox is not enough. To solve the problem, you need to completely uninstall the files associated with Firefox.

This can easily be done with a third-party uninstaller. It completely removes the program along with unwanted files, registry entries, and more.

Create a new Firefox profile

  1. Press Windows + R and type Run -> firefox.exe -p -> press Enter.
  2. Now click Create Profile -> click Next.
  3. Then enter a name for the new profile -> click Finish.
  4. You can also specify the directory in which this profile will be saved.
  5. Then select the new profile -> click Run Firefox.

Launch as administrator

  1. On the desktop -> right-click the browser executable.
  2. Then click on Properties -> select compatibility.
  3. And on the Compatibility tab -> check the option Run this program as administrator -> click Apply -> OK.
  4. Then run your browser and see if the problem is resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

The error message about missing XPCOM or platform version is usually due to a failed Firefox update, during which you found a mix of old and updated files in the Firefox program folder. You can perform a clean reinstall to make sure all the files have been replaced.

The Firefox profile manager can switch between multiple users on the same computer. To reinstall Firefox, download a new copy of the installer, uninstall the existing installer through the Programs and Features control panel, and then run the downloaded installer.

The "XPCOM could not load" error is usually caused by a corrupt or missing DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file. The corresponding errors usually occur when a program fails to process the file while it is in use.

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