How to Resolve Steam Error “1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired” in Windows 10

Nowadays, many people like to play games on a PC or console. Steam is the most popular platform for distributing PC games, which offers its users a superior gaming experience.

However, this platform still has some drawbacks. One such drawback is the inability of users to check Steam files and restore files when they need to check their integrity after a game crash.

Let’s take a look at how to solve the “1 file can’t be checked and will be restored” message using different solutions.

What causes the “1 file could not be verified and will be retrieved” message?

  • Perhaps your game’s configuration file is corrupt and refuses to be replaced. It could be the same file that your Steam client is referencing.
  • Steam has been known to cause conflicts with the Windows firewall. As we all know, Steam tends to download updates and games in the background while you are using Windows for something else.
  • This error can also be caused by your controllers being connected to your computer. These controllers include all types of devices that are not standard keyboards or mice, such as joysticks, controller tablets, and mice with controller tablets, etc.
  • Many users report that the problem is caused by bad sectors on the hard drives. A bad sector on a computer hard drive is a sector where data cannot be written to or is inaccessible due to permanent damage.
  • This can happen if Steam has downloaded and installed an update. After each update, you must properly restart the client.
  • In many cases, mods installed for the game may conflict with your Steam client and cause unexpected errors.

Here’s how to fix the “1 file cannot be checked and will be redeemed” error?

Perform a CHKDSK scan

  1. Press the Windows + E key combination, which opens File Explorer.
  2. On the left side of the File Explorer window, click on This PC.
  3. Then right-click on the drive for which you want to run the CHKDSK scan and select Properties.
  4. Select the Tools tab.
  5. Click the Validate button.
  6. Even if a window appears telling you that the scan is not required, select the Check disk option.

Turn off the Windows Defender firewall

  1. Open Cortana in Windows 10 by clicking Enter Here to search the taskbar.
  2. Type “Windows Firewall” as a search term.
  3. Select Windows Defender Firewall to open the control panel window shown below.
  4. Click Enable or Disable Windows Defender Firewall on the left side of the WDF control panel applet.
  5. Then select the two options Enable or Disable Windows Defender Firewall and click OK.

Clean Windows startup

  1. Right-click on the Windows 10 Start button and select Run.
  2. Type MSConfig in the Run menu and click OK.
  3. On the General tab, select Selective startup.
  4. Uncheck Load startup items, which removes third-party startup programs.
  5. Select the Load system services and Use original boot configuration settings checkboxes.
  6. On the Services tab, select Hide all Microsoft services.
  7. Click Disable All to deselect third-party services.
  8. Click Apply and OK.
  9. In the dialog box that opens, click Restart.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the manifests do not match, Steam will report, "1 file could not be checked and will be taken back. You can replace or delete the modified files by running the check again. If you cannot do this, it means that the mods installed on your computer may be affecting the client's performance.

Basically, it checks the integrity of your game files and, if it finds a missing/damaged file, replaces it.

  1. Rename the download folder.
  2. Delete the active download folder.
  3. Change the download folder.
  4. Remove the download cache.
  5. Check the integrity of the game files.
  6. Recover the Steam library folder.
  7. Performs a hard drive error check.
  8. Reinstalls the Steam client.

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