How to Resolve: Uplay Failed to Synchronize Achievements Error

  • Uplay is an online software platform with a digital distribution where video games can be downloaded and played using this tool.
  • When the affected user starts the game, the message “Failed to Synchronize Achievements” appears.
  • This problem can occur in both the PC version and the Steam version.
  • It is not limited to one game: it can happen in Far Cry, Assassin`s Creed, etc.


Unveiling the Solution: Troubleshooting the Uplay Synchronize Achievements Error

Reinitializing online status and closing Uplay-related processes

To fix the Uplay Synchronize Achievements Error, you can reinitialize your online status and close Uplay-related processes. Follow these steps:

1. Close Uplay: Right-click on the taskbar and select “Task Manager.” Look for any Uplay-related processes under the “Processes” tab, right-click on them, and choose “End Task.”

2. Reinitialize online status: Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box. Type “services.msc” and hit Enter. Look for “Uplay PC Service” in the list, right-click on it, and select “Restart.”

3. Check game files: Open Uplay and go to the game’s library. Click on the game causing the synchronization issue, and under the “Properties” section, select “Verify files.”

4. Disable antivirus: Temporarily disable your antivirus software as it may interfere with Uplay’s synchronization process.

These steps should help resolve the Uplay Synchronize Achievements Error. Remember to restart your computer and monitor the outcome. If the issue persists, refer to other methods or contact Ubisoft support for further assistance.

Allowing Uplay in firewall and checking network connection

To allow Uplay in your firewall and check your network connection, follow these steps:

1. Open the Start Menu and search for “Windows Defender Firewall” or “Firewall & Network Protection.”
2. Click on the search result to open the Windows Defender Firewall settings.
3. On the left-hand side, click on “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.”
4. Click on the “Change settings” button, and then click on “Allow another app.”
5. Browse and select the Uplay client application from the list of installed programs or click on “Browse” to locate it manually.
6. Check both the “Private” and “Public” boxes next to the Uplay application.
7. Click on “Add” to add Uplay to the allowed list in the firewall.
8. Close the Windows Defender Firewall settings.

To check your network connection:

1. Open the Uplay client on your computer.
2. Go to the Settings menu by clicking on the icon in the top-right corner.
3. Select the Network tab.
4. Click on the “Test Internet Connection” button to check your network connection.
5. If any errors or issues are detected, follow the recommended solutions provided by Uplay to resolve them.

By allowing Uplay in your firewall and ensuring a stable network connection, you can fix the Uplay synchronization achievements error and enjoy uninterrupted gaming.

Restarting router and changing port

To fix the Uplay Synchronize Achievements Error, you can try restarting your router and changing the port. Here’s how:

1. Restart your router: Unplug the power cable from your router, wait for 10 seconds, and then plug it back in. This can help resolve any network-related issues that may be causing the error.

2. Change the port: Open the Uplay PC client and go to the Settings menu. Under the Network tab, look for the “Port” option. Change the port number to a different value, such as 80 or 443. This can help bypass any complications with the current port and establish a better connection.

3. Repair Uplay: If the error persists, you can try repairing the Uplay client. Open the Start Menu, search for “Apps & Features,” and select “Uplay” from the list. Click on “Advanced options” and then choose “Repair.” This will fix any corrupted game files or configuration issues that may be causing the error.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the Uplay Synchronize Achievements Error and get back to enjoying your favorite Ubisoft titles without any issues.

import random

def synchronize_achievements():
# Simulating the synchronization process
if random.random() < 0.8: print("Achievements synchronized successfully!") else: print("Uplay failed to synchronize achievements.") synchronize_achievements()

In the above code, we define a function `synchronize_achievements()` that simulates the synchronization process. The function uses the `random` module to generate a random number between 0 and 1. If the generated number is less than 0.8, it prints a success message; otherwise, it prints an error message stating that Uplay failed to synchronize achievements.

Please note that this code is a simplified representation and does not address the complexities associated with the actual Uplay platform or its achievement synchronization process.

Verifying integrity of game files and replacing achievements folder

Verifying Integrity of Game Files and Replacing Achievements Folder

To fix the Uplay Synchronize Achievements Error, follow these steps:

1. Verify the integrity of game files. Open Uplay PC client, go to your game library, right-click on the affected game, and select "Verify files" to ensure all game files are intact.

2. Replace the achievements folder. Navigate to the game's installation directory on your PC. Locate the achievements folder and rename it to "achievements_old". Then, launch the game to create a new achievements folder.

3. Monitor host file entries. Check for any incorrect or malicious entries in the host file that may interfere with Uplay's communication. Remove or correct these entries if found.

4. Clear system resources. Close unnecessary programs and processes running in the background to free up system resources for Uplay to function smoothly.

5. Restart Uplay and your PC. Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve minor software glitches that cause achievement synchronization issues.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the Uplay Synchronize Achievements Error and enjoy uninterrupted gaming on your PC.

Restarting PC and reinitializing online status

To fix the Uplay Synchronize Achievements Error, you can try restarting your PC and reinitializing your online status. These simple steps can often resolve the issue and get you back on track with your gaming progress.

First, restart your PC to refresh any system processes that may be causing the error. After the restart, open Uplay and check if the synchronization error persists.

If the problem persists, reinitialize your online status by following these steps:

1. Open Uplay and go to the Settings menu.
2. Select the "Network" tab.
3. Click on the "Reinitialize online status" button.

This will reset your online status and potentially resolve any communication or software glitches causing the synchronization error.

If the error still persists, you may want to consider repairing Uplay through the Uplay Game Manager. This method can help resolve any underlying complications or bugs.

Remember, these steps are general solutions that can help in most cases. If you continue to experience the Uplay Synchronize Achievements Error, it's always best to reach out to Uplay support for further assistance.

Checking for corrupted game files and resetting network system

If you're experiencing the Uplay Synchronize Achievements Error, it could be due to corrupted game files or network complications. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

1. Check for Corrupted Game Files:
- Open Uplay and navigate to the game's page.
- Click on the "Properties" option.
- Select "Verify files" to scan and repair any corrupted files.

2. Reset Network System:
- Press the Windows key and type "Network Reset" in the Start Menu.
- Open the "Network Reset" settings.
- Click on "Reset now" to reset your network settings.

These methods often resolve achievement synchronization issues. If the problem persists, it may be caused by other factors, such as communication/software glitches or host file entries. In such cases, refer to our article for further troubleshooting steps. Remember to restart your PC after applying any changes.

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