How to Troubleshoot: Screen Time Limits Not Working in MS Family Account

Microsoft Family Safety may not work if your system’s operating system is outdated or if your child is using a hack to bypass the restrictions. In addition, a corrupted user profile can also cause the mentioned error.

The problem is that the screen time limits applied to the child’s account do not work (or revert to previous settings), and the child continues to use the system after the set time limit expires. The user gets a glimpse of overuse when they receive the Family Safety Report.

Why don’t Screen Time Limits work in the MS Family Account?

The Family Security feature may not work if your system’s operating system is out of date or if your child has hacked the limits. A corrupted user profile can also cause the error you mentioned.

Some settings (such as the default UAC) are necessary for MS Family Safety to work and can cause this error if they are not configured according to Family Safety requirements. In this case, you can solve the problem by configuring UAC and other settings according to Family Safety requirements.

The error may occur if any of the applications installed on the system conflicts with Microsoft Family. In this case, the problem can be solved by uninstalling the offending applications. One of the applications causing this problem is Antivirus Real-Time Protection.

How to solve the problem of ‘Screen Time Limits Not Working’ for your MS Family account?

Reboot your Windows Device

Rebooting your Windows device to fix the error may seem a bit old-fashioned, but it’s a safe place to start. In fact, it has worked for many users, so we recommend you try it as well.

There are times when a temporary system error causes problems on your device and this may be the reason why the time limit for your MS Family account is not working. In this case, the first thing to do is to restart your Windows device and see if the error is resolved.

  1. Click on the Start button and select the Power item.
  2. Then click the Restart button and wait for the restart to complete.
  3. Then check if the error has resolved the restart of your computer.

If the problem was caused by a temporary system error, restarting the machine will resolve the MS Family Account timeout.

Log in to the target device

In order for the screen timeout to work properly, you must ensure that the target device user is logged in to the device under their Microsoft account. If the user is logged in with a local account on the device, the screen timeout limitation for the MS Home account will not work on the device.

  1. Go to Settings and click on Accounts.
  2. On the left side, select Your Credentials and check to see if the user is logged in with their Microsoft account. If not, log in with your Microsoft account.
  3. Then go to Sync Your Settings and make sure your device is synced correctly.
  4. Once you are logged in with your Microsoft account, the screen time restriction will work correctly on your target device.

Change account type

If the screen time restriction for the MS family account does not work on the target device, check if your child’s account type is set to Administrator. If so, you can solve the problem on your computer by changing the account type to Standard or Guest.

  1. Log in to the machine in question as Administrator and go to Settings.
  2. Click on Accounts, and under Your Family, click the account you want to change.
  3. Select Change Account Type and change it from Administrator to Standard User.

If the target device user was using an Administrator account, changing the account type to Standard User will solve the screen time limitation issue on the device.

Verifying and activating the account

Suppose a user has already logged in to their device with a Microsoft account and screen time limitation is still not working. In this case, the Microsoft account may not have been verified or activated.

  1. Go to Settings and click on Accounts.
  2. On the left side, select Your Information.
  3. In the Your Information window, select Verify under You must verify your identity and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  4. Then check to see if the error has been corrected.

Frequently Asked Questions

If Screen Time does not work properly with Family Sharing, there are several ways to solve the problem: Turn off Screen Time in settings on both devices and turn it back on. Log out and log back into your iCloud accounts on both devices. Restart both devices.

Kids can easily opt-out of Family Security by logging into their Microsoft account and selecting "Opt Out." They will receive a warning about the controls being removed, but will still be able to log in on all the devices they are currently using.

  1. Open the Family Link app on your phone.
  2. Click on your child's profile.
  3. Tap the Screen Time tab.
  4. Tap Set or Change Restrictions.
  5. Make sure you see the Daily Limit tab at the top of the screen, then tap the checkboxes next to each day for which you want to set a time limit.

To find out, open Settings and tap Screen Time. Tap the main screen table and select the app for which you want to set the time limit. Tap Add Restriction at the bottom of the screen to set the restrictions. This should solve the problem of the ScreenTime app limit not working on your device.