How to Troubleshoot: “This copy of Windows is not genuine” Error Message

What should you do if you get the “This copy of Windows is not genuine” error message, if you can’t change your wallpaper, or if your computer’s performance has degraded? Calm down. This Techquack post will give you effective solutions to fix the “This copy of Windows is not genuine” error message.

The “This copy of Windows is not genuine” error message is one of the most common Windows errors that can occur when using the Windows operating system. According to user feedback, this problem often occurs after installing certain updates with the following message in the lower right corner of the desktop:

“This copy of Windows is not an authentic version.”

This message usually appears in Windows 10. In addition, the screen background is black. There is nothing more annoying than this message that interrupts your work or entertainment on your computer. This message can appear even after a long time.

What causes the “This copy of Windows is not genuine” error message?

  • Your Windows 7 operating system is not a genuine copy; the error probably occurs about a month after installing a genuine Windows crack.
  • You have not activated your Windows license after your trial period.
  • The license of the Windows operating system you are using has expired or is blocked.

Although the “This copy of Windows is not the original copy” message keeps popping up when you’re at work and it’s annoying, there are several effective ways to get rid of this problem and the black background that accompanies it. Here’s how to fix the “Windows is not the original copy” problem.

How to repair the “This copy of Windows is not the original copy” error message?

Remove the update

The error may have been caused by the KB971033 update for Windows 7. Uninstalling this update may help.

  1. Bring up the Start menu or press the Windows key.
  2. Open the Control Panel.
  3. Click “Programs” and then “Show installed updates”.
  4. Find “Windows 7 (KB971033).
  5. Right-click and select Uninstall.
  6. Reboot your computer.

Activate it again

You may need to get a new copy of Windows or reactivate Windows 7 online or by phone.

  1. Bring up the Start menu or press the Windows key.
  2. Type “slui.”
  3. The Windows 7 Activation Wizard should open.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Using the Command Line

  1. Open the Start menu or press the Windows key.
  2. Type “cmd” in the search box.
  3. “Command Prompt” will appear in the results. Right-click and select “Run as administrator.”
  4. Type “SLMGR -REARM” and press Enter.
  5. If it was successful, you should see a message telling you that the operation was successful and that you need to reboot your computer.

If it worked, the “Windows is not original” error should disappear after the restart. If not, you can try:

  • Follow the same steps as above, but type “SLMGR /REARM” instead.

Registry Editor

This solution is specific to error code 0x80070005, which can be caused by missing permissions in the registry or missing entries. Microsoft offers three methods to solve this problem. Detailed instructions can be found in the Microsoft support message.

Frequently Asked Questions

To solve the "This copy of Windows is not genuine" problem, you can first check if your Windows license is legitimate. Then use RSOP or SLMGR -REARM commands to solve the "This copy of Windows 7 is not genuine" problem.

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Go to the "Windows Update" section.
  3. Click on View installed updates.
  4. After downloading all installed updates, look for update KB971033 and uninstall it.
  5. Reboot your computer.

When Microsoft servers warn Windows that you are using a pirated or incorrectly licensed key, Windows displays a message that your copy of Microsoft Windows is "not authentic." The regular Windows PC you buy comes with a pre-activated copy of Windows that is properly licensed.

The main reason that Windows 7 is not a genuine version is that you are not using the genuine version of Windows provided by Microsoft. You may be using a pirated version of Windows; there is a good chance that your product key is corrupted or deleted and has a virus embedded in it.

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