Nikon camera not reading SD card has been fixed

Nikon cameras use SD cards to read and write snapshots. It may happen that the camera stops reading the card. Several users have reported that the Nikon camera does not read SD cards.

Why can’t this memory card be used? When a memory card can no longer be used in a device such as a digital camera, Android phone, or game console, it is usually because it is locked, damaged, or broken. The Nikon camera SD card problem seems to be a common one. Several users have reported similar problems.


What causes a Nikon camera not to read an SD card?

What causes a Nikon camera not to read an SD card?

When a memory card becomes unusable in a device such as a digital camera, Android phone, or game console, it’s usually because it’s locked, damaged, or broken.

That is, if you don’t have pictures on that memory card, you’re in luck. However, if you do, there is a good chance that your photos will be lost forever. This mistake can ruin other people’s vacation memories.

Most people give up and throw the memory card away, thinking all is lost. But that’s not all, because the pictures may be out there somewhere. Although your camera can’t use the memory card, your computer can, so there’s still hope.


Here’s how to solve the problem of your Nikon camera not reading the SD card

Here's how to solve the problem of your Nikon camera not reading the SD card

Perform basic SD card checks
  1. Before moving on to other troubleshooting tips, perform these basic checks to make sure the SD card is in working order.
  2. Remove the memory card from the camera. Reinsert the SD card and make sure it is inserted correctly. You should hear a click when the SD card is inserted.
  3. Make sure that the SD card you are using is approved by the company. A list of approved cards is available on the company’s website.
  4. Remove the memory card and check that the contact pins on the memory card are clean. Use a soft, dry cloth to remove dust. Reinsert the card and check it for improvements
Checking and Reformatting the Card
  1. Before formatting the card, make sure it works correctly with your computer. Insert the card into the card reader on your laptop or into an external card reader and see if it is recognized.
  2. Back up the card data on your computer.
  3. Right-click on the SD card and select Format.
  4. At the file system level, click on the drop-down menu and select FAT, then click Start.
  5. When formatting is complete, remove the SD card.
  6. Insert it into your Nikon camera and make sure that the camera is able to read the SD card.

Formatting with a Nikon Camera

  1. If the problem persists, try formatting the card with the camera.
  2. Insert the SD card into the camera.
  3. Press the menu button.
  4. Scroll down and select the settings menu.
  5. Select the Format Memory Card option.
  6. Press “Yes” to confirm the action.
  7. After formatting the card, make sure that the camera can read the card.
Update the camera firmware

If the problem persists, it may be related to your camera. Try updating the camera firmware and see if the problem has improved.

  1. To check the currently installed firmware, go to Menu -> Setup -> Firmware Version.
  2. Go to the Nikon support page.
  3. Select your camera model from the list of options.
  4. Click the Firmware button and download the latest firmware version available for your camera.
  5. Make sure that the camera battery is fully charged.
  6. Eject the downloaded firmware and move the firmware files to the SD card (not the folder, just the files in the folder).
  7. Remove the memory card and insert it into the camera.
  8. Go to Menu -> Settings Menu -> Firmware Version.
  9. The Refresh option should appear here.
  10. Select Refresh and then press OK.
  11. Select Yes, then OK.
  12. Wait for the process to complete. When the update is complete, you should see the message “Update Complete. Turn off-camera” on the screen.
  13. Turn the camera off. Turn it back on.
  14. Verify that the camera can now read SD cards.

If you follow the troubleshooting tips in this article, you can easily resolve the problem of your Nikon camera not reading SD cards.


Frequently Asked Questions

The data on the memory card may be corrupted. Insert the memory card into your computer to save the data. Then format the memory card with the camera. REINSTALLING THE MEMORY CARD: If you are using a micro SD card with an SD adapter, make sure the micro SD card is inserted correctly.

Every time you pick up your Nikon camera, don't expect to see the message "This memory card cannot be used," sometimes followed by the message "The memory card may be damaged. Insert another card." This means that you'll be lucky if you don't get any photos on that memory card.

The SD card's file system is not supported by your phone. There is a file system error or bad sectors on the SD card. The SD card driver has not been updated. The SD card is damaged or corrupted.

  1. Check the card reader. If the card only works on a certain device, it could be a card reader problem.
  2. Use a different USB port. Some computers have more than one USB port.
  3. Reboot the computer.
  4. Update the drivers.
  5. Check your computer.
  6. Disable write protection.
  7. Format for the desired device.