Repair: Astro A10 Microphone Doesn’t Work

Is your Astro A10 headset’s microphone not working properly? You’re not alone. Many users encounter the same problem the first time they use their headsets.

It’s incredibly frustrating: you bought a headset to talk to people on, and now it doesn’t work! But don’t worry, you didn’t waste your money. You can solve the problem by following this Techquack guide.

Why isn’t the Astro A10 microphone working?

Why isn't the Astro A10 microphone working?

The Astro A10 microphone doesn’t work is a common problem with the Astro A10 headset microphone. This problem is often caused by outdated audio card drivers on your Windows computer. You should also check if the Astro microphone is enabled in your audio settings. If you have not configured your applications to access the microphone, you may also encounter the “Astro A10 microphone not working on PC” problem.

If the Astro A10 microphone does not work, it may be due to an outdated or incorrect audio driver. To solve this problem, you can update the audio driver on your Windows PC.

After analyzing several articles and user reviews, we have summarized effective ways to fix non-functioning Astro A10 on PC.

How to fix Astro A10 microphone malfunction?

How to fix Astro A10 microphone malfunction?

Check the microphone settings in your applications

To use the Astro A10 microphone on a Windows 10 PC, you need to allow apps to access it.

  1. Press the Win and I keys on your keyboard.
  2. Select Privacy.
  3. Select Microphone.
  4. Make sure that you allow apps to access your microphone and that the apps you want to use with the headset microphone have access to it.
  5. Now check that you can hear the headset microphone in your app.

Update the audio drivers

Sometimes the headset microphone doesn’t work properly due to the use of problematic audio drivers.

Updating the drivers usually fixes the problem. You can use Windows Device Manager to update the driver, or you can visit the hardware manufacturer’s Web site to manually find the correct driver. In either case, you should make sure that the driver you receive is correct and up to date.

Or you can use the driver update program. This is a more convenient option – it only takes a few clicks to update the driver! We recommend the third-party driver update program because it’s powerful, easy to use, and you can use it to update drivers for free!

Check the sound settings

You need to make sure that the microphone on your Astro A10 is turned on and set to the default microphone on your computer.

  1. Press the Win and R keys on your keyboard, then type “mmsys.cpl”.
  2. Select the “Record” tab.
  3. Make sure that your headset microphone is activated (right-click it and select “Activate”).
  4. Make sure that your headset microphone is set as Default (right-click it and select Set as Default).
  5. Click the OK button. Make sure that you can now use the Astro A10 microphone.

Check the connection of the headset cable

This is the first step you need to take. Make sure that the Astro A10 headset cables are properly connected. You may need to put a little pressure on the plugs to make sure they fit snugly.


If your Astro A10 microphone isn’t working properly with your Windows PC, there may be a few minor issues that can be fixed quickly. These methods are sure to give you positive results and bring your microphone back to life.

However, if none of these methods have solved your problem, there may be a serious problem with your microphone. Then try connecting it to another device. If that still doesn’t work, the hardware must be completely corrupted.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Allow microphone access to the headset (for Windows 10 users).
  2. Set the default microphone device.
  3. Update the audio drivers.
  4. Close other applications that have access to your headset microphone.
  5. Fix the hardware problem.

  1. First, make sure that the grey end of the A10 volume control cable is fully inserted into the headset.
  2. Then make sure that the microphone is at the bottom near your mouth.
  3. If the microphone is in the up position, it is turned off.

The microphone on your Astro A10 may not work due to an outdated operating system on your system/console. Also, disconnect the microphone from your Astro A10 and plug it back in. Make sure that the mute button on your headset is not disabled. If you are using a surge protector, try using a computer/device without a surge protector.

Make sure the built-in cable is securely attached to the headset and the Xbox One/PS4 controller. Make sure the microphone is down and not up and off. If the microphone is up, it is turned off. Disconnect the headset from the Xbox One or PS4 controller and connect it directly to your smartphone.