SecretLabs Omega Chair Review

Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair Review

If you’re looking for a gaming chair that looks great, feels great to sit in, and is affordable, then the SecretLab Omega chair might be the one for you. A long-time provider of gaming chairs, Secret Lab has brought out the Omega, one of the best gaming chairs we’ve ever seen.

Today, we look at the Secretlab Omega and why this chair may be the best for you.

General Review


  • Great Quality Materials
  • Insane Comfortability and Rigidity
  • Up to 7 Years Warranty
  • Built to last


–      A little costly

Comfort, Design, and Features

When you look for a chair, you look for comfortability as well as what it looks like. The SecretLab Omega chair has many different features and designs; however, we’ll first look at some of the features that this chair has to offer.

Firstly, the chair has superior comfort and support with the Cold-Cure foam mix. This mix gives you both immaculate comfort and even better support, to achieve a firm base and back support to benefit your gaming as well as your posture.

The chair also features Full-Metal armrests that allow you to personalize support for your elbow and wrist. This doesn’t only allow you to customize your chair positions for your best move, but also allows for more excellent durability as well as health benefits.

Included, you also get a memory foam pillow that allows you to keep comfy no matter how you sit. This also has a coating of cooling gel, so when you’re in high-intensity situations in your game, you’ll always be cool.

As with most gaming chairs, the Omega also reclines with great ease, and unlike some of the cheaper chairs out there, it feels well supported and doesn’t feel like snapping. This is one of the best chairs we’ve seen that reclines with such rigidity.

You can also move the chair in several different tilt directions; depending on if you want to kick back to watch a film or tilt forward to concentrate on your game, you can do this with this chair without needing to worry. It also has Class 4 hydraulics that rolls around on a full ADC12 Aluminium wheelbase, which feels premium compared to others we’ve tried.

Along with all this, the chair also comes with an extended 5-year warranty, so if you are concerned about the returns or your chair breaking, you shouldn’t worry. Secretlab’s are happy to keep this warranty going too, as you can get an extra 2-years just for sharing a picture of the chair on social media. You can find out more about that here;

Moving onto the design of the chair, it comes in a variety of different patterns and colors, and even materials.

Looking at the Materials, you can specify if you would like the Prime 2.0 PU Leather, the SoftWeave Fabric of the NAPA leather. As for the colors, you can determine if you would like the Stealth, Black (w/ Suede), Classic, Royal, or Ash. All of these look great.

As we mentioned above, you can also customize the ‘edition’ of the chair. At the moment, there are eSports editions as well as special editions. eSports teams include;

  • OG
  • G2
  • Astralis
  • MSI
  • Cloud9
  • Newbee
  • Team Secret
  • LCS
  • T1
  • World

And the Official Special Editions include;

  • Overwatch
  • Dota 2
  • House Stark
  • House Lannister
  • Dark Night
  • House Targaryen
  • deadMau5
  • Birds of Pray
  • va (Only for SoftWeave Fabric)

All of these designs look incredible.

Price and Availability

Unlike other vendors, Secretlabs only sell products on their website from what we can tell. There is evidence that they used to sell on Amazon. However, this seems to have stopped now.

To buy the Omega, you can go to Secretlabs’ website to purchase and customize your chair to how you like it.

As the chair can be bought over on the vendor’s website, the chances are that you will never be short on stock. With that being said, all variants are currently in stock without any restrictions on what we can order. (From the time of writing).

You can find the SecretLab Omega purchase page here on their website.

Final Verdict

If you are genuinely are looking for a chair that allows for ease of use, comfortability, and rigidity, then this chair is likely a contender for you. Although it can be a little expensive for someone who doesn’t want to spend a significant amount on a chair, compared to the cheaper brands, this char will last a very long time and feels great. We believe that you paying under what the chair is worth, and we don’t think you’ll be let down by this.

You can find out how to buy the SecretLabs Omega chair here.

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