Troubleshooting ‘Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure’ in Windows PC

Most computers use Realtek High Definition Audio as an audio device. If you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Realtek HD Audio Driver from the official website, the error message “Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure” will appear. And you can see different error codes like 0001, 0x80070020, 0xC0000374, 0x000000FF, 0x00000002, 0x0000000d, 0x00000005, etc.

If you open the Device Manager, you will see that your Realtek HD adapter is missing or marked with a yellow exclamation mark. This means that your Realtek HD audio driver is missing and an installation error has occurred.

What causes the “Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure” message?

Sometimes the “Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure” error message appears with error code 0x000000FF when you try to install the Realtek HD audio driver on a Windows computer. This error can appear on any Windows platform, including Windows 10. It does not allow you to install the required drivers for the Realtek sound card on your computer. A possible cause of this error may be corruption during driver installation.

Damaged system files or Windows registry entries, malware or virus attack, problematic software installed, incompatible Realtek HD Audio driver installed and other reasons can cause this problem.

How to solve the “Realtek HD Audio driver installation failed” problem?

Uninstall the drivers and let Windows install automatically

  1. While holding down the Windows key, press R. Type devmgmt.MSC and click OK.
  2. Find the Realtek audio driver under Sound, Video, and Game controller.
  3. Right-click on it and select Uninstall from the menu.
  4. Follow the instructions to uninstall the driver.
  5. Reboot your system and open the Device Manager.
  6. Click on Actions in the top toolbar and select Search for hardware changes from the menu.
  7. Realtek will then appear in the device list again, allowing you to update the drivers.

Reset driver settings

  1. Press the “Windows” + “R” keys simultaneously.
  2. Type “devmgmt.MSC” and press “Enter”.
  3. Double-click the “Sound, Video, and Game Controllers” category to expand it.
  4. Right-click “Realtek Audio Driver” and select “uninstall”.
  5. Click “Yes” at the command prompt and follow the instructions on the screen to remove the driver from your computer.
  6. Click on “Actions” at the top and select “Scan for hardware changes”.
  7. Windows will automatically scan and install the missing driver.
  8. Check to see if the problem persists.

Use the “Add Obsolete Hardware” option in the Device Manager

  1. While holding down the Windows key, press R. Type devmgmt.MSC and click OK.
  2. Click Action on the top toolbar and choose Add Legacy Hardware from the drop-down menu.
  3. Follow the wizard to add the category Sound, video, and gaming controllers and the Realtek high-definition audio device.
  4. The Realtek audio device will then appear in the Device Manager. Update the drivers for this device.

Check for faulty drivers and update them manually

  1. Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type devmgmt.MSC and press Enter.
  3. In the Device Manager window, expand the menu and look for the sound drivers.
  4. Check to see if any of the drivers have an exclamation or question mark in front of them.
  5. Right-click on the driver with the exclamation point or question mark and select Update Driver from the menu.
  6. Follow the instructions and, if necessary, enter confirmation from the administrator.
  7. Reboot the device immediately after the driver installation is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Install new drivers. Solution.
  2. Click Scan for hardware changes.
  3. Check for updates on your computer.
  4. Uninstall the application, then reinstall it.

  1. Install the driver using a third-party program.
  2. Uninstall the Realtek audio driver and reinstall it.
  3. Add legacy hardware before installing the driver.
  4. Resolve driver conflicts.
  5. Reinstall the software.
  6. Replace your sound card.

Installation errors that occur with any of the Realtek HD Audio drivers are usually caused by either a file overwrite error in the standard Windows driver or a conflict with Microsoft's Universal Audio Architecture.

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