Troubleshooting the Disqus comment field doesn’t load or display

Our readers and editors have been experiencing this problem for some time, and even though the implementation was correct, many readers of Techquack have reported that Disqus comments are not loading on their computers. In this article, we’ll show you what you can do if Disqus comments aren’t loading on your site. These methods are simple and will only take a few minutes.

There can be many combinations of situations where Disqus may or may not work for comments. Sometimes we have seen a Disqus comment on mobile but not on the desktop, and vice versa. In some cases, you’ll see the standard WordPress comment box. And unfortunately, if you comment here, it won’t show up in Disqus.

This can happen if the site owner has changed some settings related to the cache plugin. In that case, your only option is to bring the issue to the site owner’s attention. If the master file has been changed since the update or there is a conflict, Disqus will not load. In that case, you will see the native WordPress comment system for that site.


Why doesn’t the Disqus comments window load or show up?

Why doesn't the Disqus comments window load or show up?

When comments don’t load or don’t appear when using Disqus, one of the following usually happens:

  • The Disqus widget does not appear on the site at all.
  • The Disqus widget is missing from some articles.
  • The widget is displayed throughout the site but without comments.
  • The widget is displayed in all posts, but there are no comments in some of them.

We wrote this guide to solve these 4 problems. Of course, there are times when Disqus may not work as it should, but most of the accidents are covered.

To make Disqus work the way it should, it’s helpful to follow each of the following steps. Of course, some steps may seem obvious. But it’s a good idea to check them out.

This tutorial assumes that you have already set up Disqus, are logged into your WordPress admin area, and are logged into your Disqus account. You can also use Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program that allows you to create CSV files.

Let’s get started!


Here’s how to fix the Disqus comment box not loading or displaying

Here's how to fix the Disqus comment box not loading or displaying

Clear your browser cache

The cache plays an important role because it helps files load faster. If files have been modified in the Disqus context, Disqus comments may not load correctly or not load at all. Technically, this should happen automatically, but things happen and it can happen.

All browsers have a “clean cache” feature. Here are the methods for Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. If that doesn’t work, you can clear the cookies from this site and Disqus. This may require you to download new files.

InPrivate or Incognito mode

These modes download everything as if you were accessing the files for the first time. It is used by many to verify that changes have been applied. All browsers offer InPrivate or Incognito mode, so give it a try.

Here’s how to get into

  • Private mode InPrivate.
  • Chrome Incognito
  • Firefox InPrivate
Use a different browser

The first thing to do is to see if the problem occurs on all browsers and all devices. If it’s only loading on mobile but not on the desktop, then you know where to take corrective action.

The second check is whether it’s a browser-specific problem. You may not like it, but it’s good to have 2 or 3 browsers for these situations. Open the website in different browsers and see if the problem persists. If the problem occurs in only one browser, do the next step, otherwise, skip it.

Safe mode (disabling plugins, extensions, and add-ons)

Extension and disk comments often contradict each other. If an add-on restricts file loading or uses the same element as the commenting system, downloading may be stopped.

It is a good idea to use safe mode. In this mode, all plugins, extensions, and add-ons are disabled and the browser loads like vanilla. This mode can be used in all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. The Edge browser is based on the Chromium engine and should work just like Chrome.

Hopefully, you can solve the problem of Disqus comments not loading on sites you frequent. If nothing helps here, you may need to contact the site owner.


Frequently Asked Questions

Comments are removed (or "disappeared") from public view when they are marked as spam, either manually by a site moderator or automatically by our system. The following actions with comments can cause comments to be automatically marked as spam: Including a signature in multiple comments.

Due to the large volume and nature of TOS violations in the channel system, we finally decided to remove the channels from Disqus entirely. We made this decision with the best interests of all parties in mind.

When you leave a comment, simply check the "I prefer to post as a guest" box. Your credentials will not be used to create a Disqus account or profile, and you will not receive any email notifications.

Technically it's a web app, for ios it's also a web app that turns into an ios app, but runs through the browser engine. Now, if you really want Disqus to become an Android app. Here's the closest thing: ..... Disqus is a commenting system built into web pages.

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