What to do when Gboard stops working

Gboard doesn’t work anymore? Google claims that “Gboard has everything you love about Google Keyboard,” and they’re right. Gboard is a keyboard app developed by Google for Android and iOS devices. Its integration with various Google services such as search, translation, and maps makes Gboard the perfect choice for everyone.

Its speed and reliability make it the best choice for most users. But even the best have bad days. For some reason, Gboard may not work on your device or display on Android / iOS devices. However, it’s easy to fix and only requires a few steps. Here’s how to fix the “Gboard not working” error on Android and iOS.

We may not be able to determine the reason why Gboard stopped working on your device, but we can follow the solution below to get it working again. If one solution doesn’t work, you can try another until the app works again.

Why does Gboard no longer work

Why does Gboard no longer work

Applications are often updated for a variety of reasons. New features, bug fixes, patches, security, etc. Sometimes this leads to compatibility problems. A new update can break an application.

The cache allows your applications to respond and work faster by saving data and programs that are frequently used on your local computer. Sometimes new updates are released, but your application is still using the cache, causing application conflicts and crashes. This can lead to the board not opening or loading at all.

Your application behaves unpredictably. The board uses more resources than necessary, making your phone feel slow and strange. Try uninstalling the app.

Here’s how to fix the problem when Gboard no longer works

Here's how to fix the problem when Gboard no longer works

Forced shutdown

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Go to Apps -> Gboard.
  3. Force Shutdown Gboard.
  4. Tap the Force Disconnect button again to confirm the action.
  5. Restart the Gboard app with any app that uses Gboard for input.
  6. Check to see if there are any improvements.

If you can’t remove the app from Settings, open the Play Store, find Gboard, and open it. Then click Uninstall to remove the app from your device.

Sometimes just restarting or closing the app isn’t enough to solve the problem. Android devices offer the option to forcefully close recalcitrant apps. Forcing the app to close will force your Android device to restart the app with a new session, which can sometimes solve any temporary problems.

Updating the Gboard app

  1. Open the Play Store app on your Android phone.
  2. Look for Gboard and open it.
  3. Tap the Update button to install the update.
  4. Restart the app and check for improvements.

Restart your device

  1. A quick restart seems to have solved the problem of Gboard crashing for many Android and iOS users.
  2. Press and hold the power button.
  3. Press the power button.
  4. Leave the device in standby mode for one minute.
  5. Restart your phone and check to see if the Gboard bug is fixed.

Clear the app cache

  1. Open the Apps menu.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Go to Apps.
  4. Open Board.
  5. Click Memory.
  6. Click “Clear cache.”
  7. After clearing the cached data, close the settings.
  8. Try using the Gboard app and see if the error is fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Android allows you to enable multiple keyboards on your device so that you can switch between them at the touch of a button. However, sometimes this leads to conflicts, and Gboard stops working. Go to Settings -> System -> Languages and Input on your phone and tap Virtual Keyboard.

This error could be caused by a faulty cache, app bugs, or even problems with the device itself. To fix this error, try clearing your cache or reinstalling the Gboard app.

  1. Open the Settings menu on your phone.
  2. Tap "System."
  3. Select "Languages and Input."
  4. Under "Keyboards," select "Virtual Keyboard."
  5. Select "Gboard."
  6. At the bottom of the Gboard settings menu, select "Advanced.
  7. Scroll down until you see "Clear learned words and data." Click on it.

Gboard can be removed from your phone either from the Android settings or the Play Store app. If you did not install Gboard from the Play Store, you can simply remove it from the Android settings, as APKs installed from unknown sources will not be recognized as installed in the Play Store app. Tap the INSTALL button.

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