What to do when OneDrive takes over the print screen key

  • OneDrive automatically registers the “Print Screen” key to take screenshots during installation, even if you don’t manually activate this feature.
  • By default, OneDrive uses the Print Screen button as a keyboard shortcut or hotkey.
  • With the above method, you can now safely use the shortcut for an application other than OneDrive.
  • To disable the OneDrive print screen shortcut, simply open the app from the system tray.
  • Simply uncheck Automatically save screenshots I take on OneDrive.

Screenshot Windows10

You can capture a full-screen screenshot on Windows 10 by pressing Windows + Print Screen (PrtScrn). You can capture a screenshot of a selected region by pressing Windows + Shift + S, and then clicking and dragging the cursor.

Without having to have a lot of infrastructure, you can have multiple users update data, connect to a data source and schedule an automated refresh using an Excel file in OneDrive for Business. Power BI users face the challenge of using a data source that can be updated and then flowed into the dashboards and reports they use. We will take you through a walkthrough of how to use this feature.

Is the keyboard shortcut not working on the print screen? Maybe OneDrive or another program has taken over. If you can’t set a hotkey and see a message that the hotkey is being used by another program, that you want to override an existing hotkey, this message may help you. Maybe you left the “PrtSc” or “Print Screen” key to take screenshots, or maybe you assigned it to another screen capture program like SnagIt – and now you find out that another program, like OneDrive, has hijacked that shortcut key, that’s what you need to do.

In Windows 10, and Windows 11 onwards, pressing the Print Screen (PrtSc) key will capture a screenshot of your desktop.

Using OneDrive might hijack a screen capture shortcut set up by another program, such as SnagIt. When this happens, you’ll see an error message that OneDrive has hijacked your shortcut.

How can this happen?

How can this happen?

How To Take A Screenshot With Windows 10

You can take a screenshot of your entire screen by pressing the Windows key + PrtScn on Windows 10 or Windows 11. It will save the screenshot automatically to the Screenshots folder.

To take screen shots, I press Windows+PSC (print screen). A few days ago, it stopped working. I used some key input tester to try to fix it. Strangely, when I press PSC, the input shows left click from the mouse. The problem is, using PSC as a left click does not work (i.e., I cannot click with PSC).

Third-party screenshot apps in Windows 10 often give you an error that you can’t take a screenshot since the shortcut is already on OneDrive, even though the Sync client doesn’t have this option.

OneDrive takes screenshots automatically during installation, even if this feature is not manually activated. The problem appears to be that this feature gets registered automatically. The “Print Screen” key can, however, be used to save shortcuts without encountering any errors.

If you are running Windows 10 and are running third-party apps that attempt to save shortcuts, you may encounter a conflict.

How do I prevent the “OneDrive” from controlling the Print Screen button?

Click on the name of the PC from which the files need to be retrieved. You will see a list of all the PCs running OneDrive.

If you don’t want OneDrive to control your Print Screen key, you can uncheck Auto-save to OneDrive screenshots I capture under Help & Settings > Settings > Backup tab.

If you want to take a screenshot of your desktop, press Print Screen (PrtScn). If you want to capture your current windows, press Alt + Print Screen (PrtScn). Both of these commands work in every version of Windows.

How do I prevent the "OneDrive" from controlling the Print Screen button?

Solution 1.

Snag It and other apps like OneDrive use the “Print Screen” button, but OneDrive hijacks it.
This can be fixed by doing the following:

  1. Go to the settings of OneDrive.
  2. Click on “Save Automatically”.
  3. OneDrive screenshots will not be saved automatically if it is unchecked
  4. Click on OK.
  5. There are now other apps that support stencil printing.

Solution 2.

  1. Using the system tray, you can disable OneDrive’s print screen shortcut.
  2. Go to Help and Settings and click on it.
  3. Select Settings from the menu.
  4. Simply click OK to save the screenshots you took. Uncheck Automatically save screenshots on OneDrive.
  5. A shortcut to Print Screen is now available in other programs as well.

Is the print screen always used on OneDrive? Try setting it up.

Using Print Screen shortcuts in other apps is not supported yet by OneDrive, so you always receive an error message.

Prt Sc Windows 10

Taking a screenshot automatically saves it to the Pictures > Screenshots folder. Tap the Windows key and Print Screen key to take a screenshot of the entire screen.

Activating it in OneDrive is not necessary. Click the Print Screen button, open OneDrive, and then click “No thanks.”.

Here’s how to set screenshots to automatically save to OneDrive when taken using Windows 10’s keyboard commands.

The “Print Screen” button will be removed from OneDrive.

Try updating your Windows 10 build/version if the problem persists.

A faulty OneDrive installation may be causing the bug. Windows Update can help you prevent such problems in the future.

When you use the Print Screen button, OneDrive uses it as a keyboard shortcut. That’s fine as long as you do it. But sometimes you want to use it for a different application. The above method makes it possible to use the shortcut safely in another application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Try this: Click on the Start button, select the Control Panel option, then open the Access option. Click on the "Keyboard" icon to open a window. Find the "FilterKey" option and turn it off.

  1. Open the settings and click/tap the "Ease of Use" icon.
  2. On the left side, click/tap "Keyboard" and turn the option on or off (default). Use the "PrtScn" button to open a screenshot for whatever you want in the "Print Screen" section on the right.

After you take a screenshot, you will receive a notification that the screenshot has been added to your OneDrive folder. If you want to access the screenshots from OneDrive, you will find them in the Images -> Screenshots folder, where you will find the date they were taken.

It is very likely that something or someone has installed software on your computer that takes screenshots. You can install a firewall and see if a suspicious application is trying to access the Internet.

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