Troubleshooting Outlook Error 0x80004005 ‘The Operation Failed’ on Windows 10

Microsoft Outlook is often used as an email client by companies and private users. However, error messages often appear when using this application. A common but annoying error is 0x80004005.

Sometimes when you try to open an e-mail message, Outlook gives the following error message:

Error 0x80004005: Operation failed when sending and receiving.

The user is unable to load incoming mail. You may also receive similar error messages (0x800ccc0d or 0x800ccc0e) when sending emails.

What causes Outlook error 0x80004005?

  • A corrupt Outlook profile
  • Malware or virus intrusion
  • Damaged Outlook program files
  • Missing or corrupt registry keys
  • Invalid or damaged Outlook add-ons
  • Damaged or corrupted Outlook PST data file
  • Blocked antivirus scripts (Norton Antivirus)

How to fix Outlook error 0x80004005?

Delete the Outlook profile and re-create it

  1. Closer perspectives.
  2. Go to the Control Panel and open Mail. (If you don’t see the mail item, change the view to: Small icons).
  3. Click View Profiles.
  4. Select the current profile and click Delete. Then click Yes to confirm your decision.
  5. Then click Add and enter a profile name: (for example, “Outlook”).
  6. Follow the steps in the Add Account Wizard and reconfigure the email account.
  7. After adding the account, open Outlook and check if the message “Receiving reported error (0x80004005): The operation failed” appears.

Disable notification of new e-mail messages in Outlook

  1. From the File menu, select Options.
  2. Select Mail on the left side, and then uncheck all the boxes in the Inbox section (on the right side).
  3. Click OK and restart Outlook.

Disable virus protection temporarily

If you are using an anti-virus program with email scanning capability, try temporarily disabling it and scanning Outlook again.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Uninstall Norton Antivirus.
  2. Disable the script blocking feature in Norton Antivirus.
  3. Disable the notification of new emails in MS Outlook.
  4. Check your system for virus infections.
  5. Clean up your registry.
  6. Create a new user account and delete your old account.

Error 0x80004005 results in an unspecified error and usually occurs when a user cannot access shared folders, disks, virtual machines, and Microsoft account changes, and when it fails to install Windows updates.

In general, a corrupted PST file is considered the root cause of most common Outlook error messages. Although Microsoft provides the Inbox Repair tool to repair a PST file, it may not work if the corruption is severe.

The Outlook "Operation Failed" error message that occurs when you add attachments may be caused by conflicting applications such as antivirus software, etc. To check this, you can restart Windows or use safe Windows mode, which may solve the problem. Reboot Windows or start Windows in safe mode with network support.