Troubleshooting the 'System Error 53 has Occurred' error on Windows

Troubleshooting the ‘System Error 53 has Occurred’ error on Windows

Recently, many users have been experiencing the “System error 53” error on their networked computers. This annoying error has mostly affected older operating systems.

In this post, we will discuss some causes of this error and offer practical solutions to fix it completely. To avoid conflicts, follow the steps in the order they are presented.

Here is the full error message:


Accessing a physical resource on your network with your own software is not rocket science, and yet sometimes you get the message “System error 53 occurred. The network path was not found. This is a common message from Microsoft’s native Windows operating system, and the reasons for it are well known.

In particular, it is due to connection problems, applications running in the background, or incorrect sharing commands. Since we know all of these cases, this guide will show you what you can do to fix the System Error 53 that is bothering you.

What causes “System Error 53”?

What causes "System Error 53"?

After receiving numerous reports from several users, we decided to investigate the problem and offer a number of solutions to solve it completely. We also looked at the causes of the error and listed them as follows.

Connection problem: it is possible that two computers were not properly connected or that the network through which they are connected has problems. In this case, the problem may be related to the Ethernet cable, router, or configuration between the computers. These problems need to be checked and resolved through various troubleshooting options.

Security software: In some cases, security software installed on one of the two computers may prevent a connection between the two computers. The security software may detect the connection as malicious and block it completely, which can cause this error.

Background applications: Some background applications/tasks can also interfere with proper connection establishment. These background processes can interfere with important system functions, and one such function may be networking.

Disabled Sharing: In some cases, file and folder sharing on your computer or network card may be disabled. This setting can be configured in the Control Panel and must be enabled for the connection to work properly.

The incorrect command for folder sharing: Most users have encountered these problems because the wrong command was executed during sharing. It is recommended that you use the correct command with the proper format to share a folder.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the nature of the problem, let’s move on to solving it. Be sure to execute them in the order listed to avoid conflicts.

To fix the error “A system error 53 occurred”.

To fix the error "A system error 53 occurred".

Use the correct release command

In most cases, an incorrect release can result in a “System error 53” error. The correct method of release is as follows:

  1. Press the Windows + R keys simultaneously to open the “Run” dialog box.
  2. Type cmd and click OK to open the command prompt.
  3. Enter the following command share: net use F: server share name.

After using this format, you can check if the “System Error 53” error is still present. If it is still present, you can try the following method.

Perform a Ping test

The correct method to determine if a server is working correctly on your network is to send a ping code to the server and see if there is a response. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the command line again and enter the following command to send a ping to the appropriate server/computer:
    ping (server IP address)
  2. If the ping command returns all packets and none are lost, it means that your network is configured correctly. However, if there is an error or if you do not get a response when pinging the server, the connection settings are wrong.
  3. Perform troubleshooting on the results of the ping test.

You can then check if “system error 53” has been resolved. If not, you can try the following method.

Deactivate the security software

You can then try deactivating the security software and see if it caused the problem. If you find problems, you should disable the security software.

Check the network connection in safe mode

If all the above methods do not work, you should check the network in safe mode. This step will put your computer into safe mode to determine if an application is causing the problem. To do this, you will need to do the following:

  1. On the Start menu, press the Shift key while pressing “Restart” to bring up WinRE.
  2. Select the Select option, select Troubleshooting, and then select Advanced Options.
  3. Under Advanced Options, select Enable Safe Mode with Network and wait for the computer to boot.
  4. Check if there is a “System Error 53” error in this mode.

If not, it means that the problem was caused by a background application. Either reinstall that application or leave it disabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Run a ping test. In Windows, press Windows+R to open the Run window.
  2. Stop running applications in the background. Open preferences.
  3. Make sure you are using the appropriate resource command.
  4. Make sure the NetBIOS protocol is enabled.

When a user tries to connect to a network resource using the Map Network Drive option or the DOS net use command, the system issues error code 53 (No network path was found). This problem occurs when DNS-to-NetBIOS name resolution has not been performed.

Access denied. C: -> net user tech blogger /add System error 5 occurred. Access denied. To solve the problem, open the extended command line and run the same command.

Error code: 0x80070035 Network path not found. Solution: Make sure that the drive or folder you are trying to access is shared. Also, check the name of the action.

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